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About Us

In 1989 Brunning and Price was born out of the friendship of Jerry Brunning and Graham Price. Since then it's grown from a small collection of pubs in the north west of England to a family of pubs spanning the country.

Our approach to doing business hasn't changed since the beginning, preferring to run a collection of individual pubs, rather than a 'brand' or a 'chain'. We don't want to take over the world, just pride ourselves on running the best pubs we possibly can for the community we are in, and if a new location pops up that needs a B&P pub we embrace the opportunity.

Back in the day

If you are interested in our fireside style ramblings about 'when we were young', 'back in the day' and 'when it all began', you can download this little story to fulfil your inquisitive nature. Please download our PDF.

Latest B&P News:

Mental Health Awareness Week

May 2022

During this month’s national Mental Health Awareness week we took the opportunity to spread ideas to our teams to encourage ‘togetherness’ in order to combat loneliness, which we are told affects millions of people in the UK every year and is a key driver of poor mental health.

From Crew breakfasts to 121 walks and group appreciation sessions, our teams have tried all sorts to see what best suits their pubs – understandably, group breakfasts seem to be the one that best hits the mark, so long may they continue!

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The support team

There are quite a few faces behind the scenes that keep everything running beautifully smoothly. As it's always nice to put a face to a name, you can scan down the list or click each department to find out a little more about everyone.

If you would like to email a member of the team, it's very simple, use their first name, then dot, then surname, followed by @brunningandprice.co.uk example: [email protected]


Mary Willcock

Managing Director

Mary was born and brought up in Perth, Scotland, and went to Edinburgh University to read Geography, where she aced a First and a Masters in Volcanos and Glaciers. Whenever we have a query in the Fire and Ice department, Mary is our natural go-to resource.

After uni Mary set off to explore the world, and was for a time a High Adventure Chief in North Carolina, which is what Americans call 'a climbing instructor'. Australia and New Zealand followed, and such is the way of things, she ended up working in a pub on her return to Albion, pondering the route ahead.

She didn't ponder long, and soon entered the Whitbread Graduate Training Scheme, her career climb following an inexorably upward incline with posts as Area Manager, Ops Manager and Ops Director, finally summiting as Managing Director of Slug and Lettuce. Mary subsequently poured her DNA into the deep end of the B&P gene pool in the spring of 2014, when she took over the reins as Managing Director. So there you have it: a career path littered with mixed metaphors.

On a more personal note, as a wee thing Mary appeared on the Antiques Roadshow and Songs of Praise (we would so like to see a tape of that), and her grandfather was a Battle of Britain pilot. She plays the flute and curiously her ears don't match, so in a stiff breeze she has a tendency to gently rotate, in the manner of a rotary washing line hung with a bath towel on one side and a tea towel on the other.

Mary loves baking and regularly brings her trophies into the office, and by way of balance, is a fitness hound in her local gym and has completed two half-marathons. She is married to Paul and has two step-children, Alice and Jess, and her favourite cheese is Gorgonzola.

Jo Meakin

Operations Director (North)

Jo, who has a degree in Retail Management, originally came to head office as personnel manager having been a deputy manager at the Glasfryn in Mold, and before that an assistant manager at the Pant yr Ochain, so she knows the score. The role of Operations Director (North) is a challenging one, and she has to keep many plates spinning at the same time. Her common sense approach allied with her years in personnel enable her to keep on top of the many tricky and sensitive issues that arise each day.

Tom Fletcher

Operations Director (South)

After eight successful years with the Malmaison/Hotel Du Vin group working as General Manager in the beautiful city of Edinburgh Tom decided to sacrifice the rooms side of things and focus on his love for food and beverage joining pub life in 2010 coming on board as Operations Manager. He now finds himself in the lofty position of Operations Director shepherding 30+ pubs and 3 operations managers in the South. Originally from the Midlands Tom's local watering hole was the Fox; he trained as a chef at University College Birmingham where he graduated with a Diploma and Degree (with none other than James Killick one of our other Northern Ops Managers) and spent 18 months sunning himself (and cheffing apparently) in South Carolina. He's worked all over the country, from Birmingham to Glasgow, Hampshire to Surrey and everywhere in-between finally settling down in rolling hills of Shropshire with wife Claire and his two sons Oscar and Dylan.

Graham Bridgewater

Chief Accountant

For one so young in years (well, comparatively anyway), Graham - AKA 'Numbers' or 'Bridgey' - has been around a bit. He cruised a 2:1 at Lancaster in Management Science with Economics, and followed it up by passing his CIMA in 1993. Since qualifying with British American Tobacco he has worked as UK and International Financial Controller for Gandalf Digital Communications, and as a Senior Management Accountant for Granada Entertainments Ltd.

Graham joined us in 1998 as our Company Accountant, and currently heads up a financial team, which means he has legal responsibility for verifying our yearly accounts and generally being sensible.

Although Graham is a died-to-the-roots accountant, he doesn't fit the conventional picture - jeans, open-necked shirts and a motorbike are his modus operandi, but his relaxed and easy manner belies an eagle eye and a strategic brain.

He is married to Fliss, a HR consultant, and they have two daughters.


Sal Morgan

Operations Manager

Sal started off in our kitchens as his first ever job, many many moons ago! Food and drink was a clear passion from day one and he’s certainly one for the people. Preston born and bred (for all his sins!), he took the plunge and decided to be 'southernised' in 2001, relocating from the North West to sunny Berkshire. Sal has many favourite pastimes including cooking, he often gets the votes for cooking the large family Sunday roasts (probably due to his epic roast potatoes). He loves to spend the majority of his time with his kids, Jake and Ava and his partner, Kate. A firm favourite hobby of theirs are bike rides, often round the famous trails at Swinley Forrest and Sal's rather experienced on his mountain bike. He also has a interest in Boxing, Rugby and motor sports, especially F1! When he's not busy with all that, he'll likely be found with a beer in hand... and a glass of red wine in the other!

Stephen Butt

Operations Manager

Steve is an old school pub man who loves his ales and always has a warm and friendly way about him. He recently took up the role of Operations Manager for us having spent years behind the bars of one of our pubs or another. When he isn't working he is either jumping out of planes or at home his wife Emma and children Bethany and Connor - who both think he plays professionally for Arsenal.

James Killick

Operations Manager

James joins us from working as an ops manager for a successful restaurant group responsible for some high profile sites in the Midlands and South West London. From his routes as a highly trained Chef he has covered pretty much every role front and back of house, which makes him an ideal fit to his role with us. He lives with his partner Jo, their son Ethan and Rocky the dog. James is still a keen footballer however is rather upset that he now can play in the veterans' league.

Tamsyn Little

Operations Manager

Tamsyn is very passionately Cornish, so don't ever give her a scone with the cream under the jam!. She grew up in St Austell and her secondary school was right next door to the brewery, making the smell during morning break a particular favourite. She has done pretty much every job in the industry from cleaning a pub, working in a fish and chip shop, city wine bars, country pubs and Disneyland. Out of work she is a Pilates devotee and also loves a Zumba class. She professes to making the best Sunday roast in the whole world and can also turn her hand to making some pretty awesome birthday cakes. What time is left is taken up with her little Littles, a budding sailor and a Disney princess!

Ioan Eyton-Jones

Operations Manager

Ioan hails from Cardiff originally and brings his passionate Welsh rugby-loving personality to our ranks following many years in hospitality. Ioan has worked in many guises and found his love for food, drink and pubs (in front of the bar and behind it) whilst studying Business and Analytics in University. Earning his stripes in pubs and restaurants alongside his studies, he’s worked in every role from kitchens to front of house including a stint working across Europe as well as in consulting before joining the B&P ranks. His loves include Rugby, Bourbon and big Italian Reds.

Bethany Mooney

Operations Support Manager

Beth has been working in hospitality since she was 16 in restaurants and hotels before joining the Brunning and Price family. Beth and partner Jack are closely followed by their beloved pub dogs; Chip and Arty (who are usually running around looking for friends or treats!). If you cannot find Beth behind the bar she will be propping up the other side of it with her family and friends - always with a smile and a G&T! (p.s the way to Beth' heart is gin!) Beth is an odd one for sure - all of her organs are on the other side of her body - it's true we promise. Ask her if you don't believe us...

Amy Adamson

Reception and Admin Support

Amy is Chester born and bred and has had lots of experience in a variety of different administrative roles so our Reception desk is safe in her hands. She's a real foodie, especially loving cake and bowls of porridge for lunch (?) She also manages two small children so is well equipped to deal with doing several things all at once.


Graham Bridgewater

Chief Accountant

Graham is the company accountant, and has to keep a grip on things. He trained with BAT in London, qualifying in 1993, and fled North to work for a datacom company and Granada before joining Brunning and Price in 1998. He is married to Fliss, an independent human resource consultant, and they have two daughters. He rides a motorbike and enjoys the aroma of warm leather and oil.

Paul Morris

Finance Manager

Paul was born at a very young age and grew up near Denbigh. He studied Finance and Business in Hull, and on his sandwich year out he managed the bar and lived above the pub at his local back home. Paul is a bit of a ladies man, being married to Helen with daughters Beth, Elin and Catrin. Previously Paul has done number crunching in Fine Art, Haulage and Cheese, and in his spare time is a School Governor and Church Treasurer. What they don't know, but we do, is that he is a bit of a wild thing (click his photo for evidence).

Andrew Beighton-Butler

Payroll Manager

Andrew is South Yorkshire born and bred, where he lived next door to a Chuckle Brother. As a career payroller and number cruncher, work gave Andrew the opportunity to cross the border and move to Manchester in 2004 but a slower, less urban life beckoned and he and his partner landed in the beautiful county of Shropshire in 2007. Andrew admits to eating well and enjoys the odd glass/bottle of wine, so working with B&P seemed like the next natural step in his journey of life.

Jane Williams

Payroll Controller

Jane is responsible for the payroll, amongst other things, so is extremely popular and is very very nice. She has two girls, and is a passionate horsewoman - her horsebox, however, keeps bursting into flames thanks to a blackbird who recognises the exhaust manifold as home and persists in nesting there.

Aimee Meredith-Jones

Payroll Controller

Aimee is an Oswestry (Maesbury) girl, and joined the payroll team in 2014. She is happily married with a son, and another little blessing is on the way. In common with most of the girls in the office, she loves eating out, watching films and shopping, and has done a fair amount of travelling in her past particularly in America and Australia. Aimee is particularly fond of a mild Cheddar.

Human Resources

Jane Wilson

Head of HR

Jane came to us after seven years with Nestle: she started there as Customer Services manager but soon progressed to HR manager. At university Jane took options in Cultural Studies, which basically meant watching soap operas, and she still keeps up with Cultural Studies to this day. She drinks Gavi di Gavi and is a self-confessed foodie, being particularly partial to a bit of haddock. She plays netball to redress the balance.

Suzy Turner

Training Manager

I think it is perhaps not too presumptive to say that Suzy's career path, from the get-go some 20 years ago, has been relentlessly leading her to B&P's front door. Everything in her CV would appear to be specifically tailored to the role - she has opened pubs, run pubs, been a pre-opening training manager, a business implementation trainer, and latterly a freelance trainer and bar consultant. In fact, in her CV there are more trainers than you'd find at Newmarket. Suzy loves cooking for friends; keeping fit; scrabble and crosswords; and, dare we say it, eating and drinking out. She's a natural fit.

Laura Newman

Training Manager

Laura comes to us from branded restaurants having worked both as a manager and as part of the Training team. She grew up in the Surrey countryside and now lives in Sussex with her husband and little boy. However she secretly prefers it when they are out of the house so she can catch up on her box sets while enjoying a glass of Pinot Noir (or a bottle). She also has the very talented skill of being able to peel a banana with her feet!

Beth Collins

HR Manager

Beth did her A levels at Yale, followed by a Psychology degree at the University of Wales in Swansea. She honed her HR skills during 5 years at Airbus, and her social skills during 10 years at the Pant, her Gresford local. Unusually for one so appreciative of the pleasures of grape and hop, Beth enjoys running, with the eventual goal of completing a half marathon.

Irene Adam

HR Manager

Irene grew up in Geneva and loves to travel taking any opportunity for adventures in the Alps or to uncover new corners of Europe. She then ventured a bit further afield and spent two years living in Shanghai before returning to the HR team at B&P. Her other passions include rowing, food and wine which makes her the perfect candidate to work for a pub and restaurant business based in Chester on the River Dee.

Jan Bullen

HR Manager

Jan came to us from the Grosvenor estate, where she HR'd for 5 years following 20 years in personnel at the Bank of Scotland, so you could legitimately say she is an HR professional. Her abiding preoccupation is her holiday house in Hungary, and her great passion in life is food and wine......along with 80% of the company, so it seems.

Caroline Wiltshire

HR Manager

Caroline is one of our HR Manager's in the south and with a wealth of HR experience behind her she's certainly well placed to provide professional HR support to our southern crew. Being a mum to two young daughters, Caroline would say her main interests outside of work are Peppa Pig and CBBC's but she's also been known to enjoy a tipple (or two) alongside a lovely meal when she gets the chance and so she's spoilt for choice with all those pubs in the south ...... So many pubs, so little time!

Rachel Pickering

HR Manager

Rachel is one of our HR Managers in the south and joined us with a wealth of experience gained in all things HR – mainly in the leisure sector. When she’s not working, Rachel is dog-mum to Orca the Cockapoo and in her spare time enjoys horse riding and country walks so long as there’s a pub stop involved along the way! With her passion for Prosecco, Rachel is certainly in good company here at B&P.

Katie Fox

Senior Recruitment Manager

Katie is our senior recruitment manager and is responsible for leading our recruitment function and team. With a veritable plethora of recruitment and management experience in both internal recruitment and external agencies, Katie is a true recruitment professional with all the experience and expertise needed to support all our pubs across the UK to attract the best talent in our ever expanding family of pubs. It's non-stop in Katie's world because when she's not implementing all the latest recruitment strategies, her favourite pastimes as well as looking after her young daughter include travelling, skiing, eating fine food and sampling wines and gin varieties.

Jemma Crane

Recruitment Manager

Jemma's degree in business studies initially led her into a career as the owner of a successful country pub before joining Stonegate pub group as a recruitment manager. After subsequently setting up her own recruitment agency, Jemma has a vast knowledge and strong business acumen in all things pubs and pub people and she's focusing on supporting our southern patch to fill in all the pieces of our people jigsaw puzzle. With a young son to take care of, in her spare time Jemma enjoys cars, cycling, snowboarding and running so she'll soon be able to get around our southern pubs (except via snowboarding!) to provide them with all the support they need to build great teams.

Lucy Chapman

Recruitment Manager

After graduating with a degree in drama, Lucy's career in learning and development and recruitment management with Mitchells and Butlers has certainly put her on the right course for managing B&P's recruitment needs in the Midlands and South. With lots of tricks up her sleeve for matching great people to great jobs, Lucy will be a huge asset to the B&P recruitment team. Based in the Midlands with her dog Rio (who by the way has his own Instagram page with over 10,000 followers!) Lucy has a true zest for life. She's an avid pole and hoop fitness fan, loves eating out, drinking, and trying out new bars and restaurants so she's now added a whole lot more pub visits to her to do list!

Russell Thelwell

Recruitment Manager

Before joining B&P, Russell enjoyed a successful career at a senior level with a well-known recruitment agency and he brings a wealth of recruitment skills and knowledge to the team. With the ongoing expansion of our northern pubs and continued development of our existing crew, Russell is working his magic attracting some extra new talent to the Brunning and Price family. Based in Shrewsbury, Russell is a self-confessed football fanatic with a degree in Sports Management and Coaching and enjoys managing his son's junior football team. When he's not running around with a whistle in his hand, he enjoys a good night out and has a particular passion for sampling cider. With over three hundred cider varieties in the UK and a fair few on offer across our pubs, Russell definitely has his work cut out!

Nicki Flannery

HR Support

Nicki was all but offered the job on the spot when during the interview she was quizzed on her favourite tipple and proceeded to list the entire contents of Oliver Reed's drinks cabinet! We knew at that moment she would fit right in with the rest of the HR team and we haven't looked back since. Nicki is mum to Isabella and when she's not spending time with her, she likes to indulge in a spot of retail therapy, probably with a wine or two thrown in!

Sarah Birss

Engagement and Reward Manager

Sarah started off in the hospitality industry back when she was 16 but was drawn to the glitz and glam of HR. Specialising in Reward and Wellbeing, her passion lies with making work a great place to be. Quite an adventurer at heart, Sarah loves to travel and has trekked the Inca Trail in Peru, the Himalayas in India, and the Jordanian desert for charity. Seeing local wildlife is always a highlight, with her most recent trip taking her to Australia and Borneo to visit the Orangutans and Sun Bears. A few years ago her family took a leap of faith towards a lifelong dream and purchased an old wreck of a property in France. Whenever she gets a chance, Sarah loves to pop over and help with the renovations and has certainly learnt a few new trades whilst also working her way through the many wine regions and sampling the local produce! Sarah has recently achieved her Level 1 Certificate in Tap Dance, after years of wanting to rekindle an old passion. She is a new, yet avid F1 fan and in the warmer months of the year, can be found open water swimming in her local marine lake.

Chef Support

David Edwards

Executive Chef

You can tell just by looking at him that Dave is a real character, and we’re very pleased to have him in the company. Dave came to us from heading up the kitchens at Crewe Hall, so he knows his oats. Quite apart from his cooking, he's guaranteed to cheer you up.

Warren Davies

Executive Chef

Warren is a chef's chef and has a wonderful ability to get on with absolutely anybody. He is hugely respected by other head chefs in the company, and whichever kitchens he headed up in the past, you could guarantee you'd find a really happy ship. He is a tireless worker, which is just as well in the circumstances, and would appear to be completely unflappable. Warren is a man of few words, so he and Mike balance each other out nicely.

Michael Carney

Executive Chef

Mike first joined the company in 1997, and soon graduated to heading up the chef team at Glasfryn at the time of opening. After three years of galloping success he left for the green pastures of executive chefdom, but returned to us after a year or so to run our chef support function in the company and in 2006 he became Executive chef. He's the man to help with in-house training, roving chefs and their rotas, trainee chefs and college liason, and all the key areas surrounding food development and production, acting as a consultant to the pubs. He's married to Lynn and they have two children, Jennifer and Patrick (who looks just like his Dad).

James Grogan

Executive Chef

James started at the beginning of May 2009 after a nine month golf sabbatical that took him all over the world. When he's not on the stove he seems to find plenty of other work to keep him occupied (his handicap has suffered) or if time allows, his head will be under the bonnet of one of a myriad of large Mercedes he drives, although his pride and joy is a maroon Ford Ka. There's no accounting for taste.

Billy Butcher

Executive Chef

Billy first started as a chef at the tender age of fourteen, and toiled at the coal face for eighteen years. During that time he was Sous chef at Gravetye Manor for four years when it first gained its Michelin star. He became Head chef at Amberley Castle before returning to Gravetye as Head chef for another four years, successfully retaining its Michelin star. Billy then progressed to being the Exec chef for an Italian food group before joining us in 2011. His hobbies are fly-fishing and photography, particularly food photography.

Ashley Kilroy

Executive Chef

Ash is an accomplished Head Chef from Stourbridge and developed his career as a professional chef working in classic country pub restaurants. We snapped up the opportunity to lure Ash away from his previous employer and we're delighted that he's brought his seriously foodie talents to the Physician. Ash has a 5-month-old baby boy called Foalan and when he's not cooking or recovering from his sleepless nights he loves American football and drinking Guinness in Digbeth.

Information Technology

Kieron Williams

Head of IT

Kieron did a degree in Electronic Engineering at Leeds, and journeyed a full six weeks into a PHD before being lured by the siren call of business. He lived in Dubai for 2 years before joining B&P, where he met his wife Amanda. He is now a doting father of two boys, Oliver and Jamie aka Spud and Chubba.

Rachel Roberts

Operations Systems Manager

Rachel joined the IT team after a long and illustrious career as a roving manager. Her in depth knowledge of how the pub systems work in reality (which is quite different to the theory!) has enabled her to become an integral part of the head office team in short order. Rachel now looks after most of the systems which end up in the pubs from online bookings and tills to email accounts and is also charged with the IT training for new pub openings, which gives her ample opportunity to talk a lot, which is another of her key strengths! Rachel is almost certain to be reincarnated as a Labrador……

Jacob Kingsley

Junior IT Manager

Jacob is our Junior DevOps Engineer. We’re told that DevOps is a skill that combines software development and IT operations which to the uneducated sounds very complicated but we know we’re in good hand with Jacob as he comes from a family of computer science engineers and he has a genuine passion for all things IT. When he’s not ensconced in the world of IT systems and development projects, Jacob can be often be found at the gym, presumably to offset the results of his love for good food and drink!

Michele Tranquilli

Junior IT Manager

Michele joins us all the way from the USA and is our Data Analyst. Working within our busy IT team she spends her time extracting and scrutinising data to her heart's content. Aside from enjoying good food and wine, Michele has a number of hobbies and interests outside of work, but these can’t be shared to the public eye – it’s all about privacy in Michelle’s world and we reckon she’s found the right vocation in her role with us here at B&P. Ssh, mum’s the word.

Mark Toner

Web Application Developer

After graduating from the University of Manchester, Mark began his career in Barcelona as a developer and programmer working for various technology start-ups. His experience covers front and back-end development, user experience, SEO and server administration. He has also been known to jump on stage and sing rock songs.

Marketing and Communications

Nicola Stuart

Head of Marketing and Communications

Nicola has been communicating (far too often and far too loudly some might say) for years and added marketing to her talents at the tender age of 18, with the simplistic beginning of being the "best pub chalk board writer in Coventry". Being a bit flamboyant her degree is in Theatre Design which came in handy when designing a myriad of not so stylish theme bars in the late 90's. She likes to think that her hobbies include travel, wild parties and trying out exotic recipes, but the reality that she is slowly coming to terms with is that actually she likes pyjamas, anything wrapped in pastry, a good book and walks in her woolly hat with her sausage dogs....it comes to us all!

Jake Holmes

Marketing Manager

Jake started adult life studying Exercise Science at Wolverhampton and graduated with a 2:1, but soon realised that he was looking over the shoulders of his graphic design mates to see what they were up to... so he changed track. He's done a fair bit of travelling in his time, in the Caribbean and South Africa, and when we came across him he had his own web and graphic design agency in Manchester from which we had to prise him away. He is a bit of a fitness fanatic, and enjoys training and competing in triathlons.

Property Management

Dee Sturman

Project Manager

Dee joined the B&P family in 2015 after years and years of managing fabulous projects for others in the industry. She's better half to Steve, mum to 3 gorgeous children, 2 dogs and a tortoise. When she's not in a hard hat and boots Dee loves to sit on the sofa and drink wine, visit Disney land and generally enjoy her wonderful family.

Neil Comley

Acquisitions Manager North

Neil has worked within the leisure and pub industry as a chartered surveyor for the last 20 years - which is quite a departure from his early education within a music school, along with 5 years of being a chorister from the tender age of 9 - this early musical beginning resulted in a side line of playing guitar in a, by his own admission, really bad but thoroughly enjoyable, rock band and a couple of decades of bad haircuts.

Outside of being an excellent Acquisitions manager Neil enjoys cricket, suggesting that his rightful England cricket career was only scuppered by playing on Saturdays after a Friday night, supporting Nottingham Forest and golf, which provides him with 5 hours peace and quiet away from his lovely growing boys.

Natalie Shaw

Property and Operations Support

Natalie hails from Wrexham where she was lured into working in the Cornmill from a very young age by her mother, who also works for B&P - so too does her brother, so it's a real family monopoly. After a spell as being the manager of the Architect in Chester, Nat moved across into our Property Department, but still lives in Chester along with her beloved Spaniel puppy Cooper.

Stock Control

Martin Peate

Stock Controller

Martin has been in the auditing game all his working life. He was the stationery cupboard monitor at school and was so good at counting pencils and tracking down missing Quink he decided to make a career of it. Extraordinarily, before he came to us the only previous interview he had ever had was for his very first job after school - it's just that ever since then he's been moved and promoted within companies as they've been taken over and merged, and got to be Deputy Regional manager without ever having to repeat the whole ghastly process. Mind you, he didn't appear nervous at all, so he must know his stuff.

Front of house

Corinne Morgan


Corinne has over 20 years experience working in hospitality in and around the city of Birmingham. One of her very first roles was at the famous Horts Wine Bar, often touted as Brum's first wine bar, which was located just 5 minutes walk from where the Physician stands now. Fast forward 20 years and she has made it back to Edgbaston where she is absolutely delighted to find many familiar faces who now frequent the Physician instead! Suffice to say working here has felt a bit like coming home.

Roving Staff

Stacey Wilcox

Roving Deputy Manager

Stacey has made her way through the ranks at the Bulls Head before moving on here to The Hayhurst Arms. Stacey started of as a kitchen porter, but her smile, charm and bubbly personality was better being out the front amongst the customers. Stacey is a popular girl with the locals and staff. Real love for Gin and anything spicy and not one to shy away from a good night out. Stacey has a bright future ahead, watch this space!

Ben Agolini

Roving Deputy Manager

Before joining us as Deputy Manager Ben had 16 years with Qantas. Now he's got his feet on the ground he's able to use his customer service, training and sommelier skills. When it comes to wine, he's happy to spend time advising customers and he certainly knows his onions....and his grapes. When he's not at work, Ben enjoys taking his young family to the beach and cooking up some nice dinner under the evening sun.

Daniel Johnson

Roving Chef

Dan joined us from a sister pub all the way down in Kent, where he was head chef. After a short stint as a 'Rover', he's now Senior Sous at the Mill House, where he exudes calm maturity. As well as being a magnificent chef, Dan sports a magnificent beard which his lovely wife trims on a regular basis, ready for his country dancing practice. When he isn't dancing round the maypole, or eating out in fine restaurants, he'll be found taking long walks with the dog.

Rob shaw

Roving Chef

Rob has traveled the world for years working in kitchens before settling back in the UK. He spent a few years working in various B&P pubs as an agency chef before moving back to Cumbria and joining The Highwayman. He loves cider, football, ice cream and being out on the fells walking or fell running. He will always be a traveler at heart and likes to spend his time off in the Highlands in Scotland ... luckily for us it's just for holidays and he keeps coming back.

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