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Our Food

Our passion lies in finding quality ingredients and preparing, cooking and presenting them in a modern but unpretentious way.

Our menus have a spine of fresh, seasonal, classic British dishes complemented by more exotic influences from other parts of the world. Each pubs menu is different and is uploaded to their website each morning before 12 noon so that you may peruse them at your leisure to whet your appetite.

Local Gluten Free Menus

Each of our pubs offer a wide range of gluten free dishes. Most of our sauces, gravies and dressings have been gluten free for many years. But we have been working with Coeliac UK in order to develop recipes for pastries, flapjacks, shortbreads and the like in order to offer more and more gluten free options.

We adopted Coeliac UK’s training for all of our Managers and Head Chefs along with our already robust training in order to give our teams the knowledge and confidence in this area and we are thrilled to have been awarded Coeliac UK’s accreditation.

Simply look out for two symbols next to dishes on our Daily Menu; gf – gluten free and gfa – which denotes a dish that could easily be adapted to make it gluten free if you ask your server.

Latest Food News

Seasonal Head and Sous Chef Meetings

July 2024

Our Head Chef and Sous Chefs have had a busy month mixing business with pleasure as always.

The Exec Chefs got their teams together for a bit of a seasonal update and combined the occasion with various ‘après meeting excursions’.

Billy held his Head Chef day at Lakedown Fishery and Tap Room in the middle of the Sussex countryside. After the meeting they had the pleasure of a beer tasting from their Master Brewer which, as you can imagine went down very well with everyone. The day finished with some Fly Fishing, tuition from two ghillies to show the guys how to fish, unfortunately, the weather didn't get the memo and the wind was blowing a gale which really isn't very good when casting a hook around. Luckily no one hooked themselves or their peers! And no one caught a fish, suppose that's why it's called fishing and not catching!

Dave’s team of Sous Chefs followed their meeting with a very successful trip the Flight Club (along with a few well-deserved beers) and Ash’s patch were hosted by the lovely Tina and her team over at Direct Seafoods in Birmingham. After a tour of the factory and some filleting demonstrations a quick pitstop at the Physician for some drinks and food to refuel before racing over to the F1 Arcade.

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Food Development Awards

Every year we run a competition across all of our pubs to crown creators of the best dishes. Each pub enters a junior chef and front of house partnership to represent them in our company wide competition to develop and reward our rising stars.

At the grand finals in September the teams of two are challenged with two rounds. The first stage begins with a tray of identical ingredients and an unseen spec for each team. They have 1½ hours to prep, cook and present the dish following the spec precisely. In true ‘Great British Bake Off’ style each team places their finished starter behind a card with their name, leaving our panel of judges, Tom, Mary and Mike to compare, contrast and then pick the top three.

The idea of this task is to show that consistency, accuracy and replication need to be cornerstones of our food offer.

The second task gives each team free range to choose from an amazing larder of ingredients: guinea fowls, rabbits, pork and venison loins, lobsters, whole fish, racks of lamb (too many things to mention).

Each team has 3 hours to devise a main course and a pudding using their imagination and creativity.

It’s fair to say that the 2023 finals brought with it a consistently high standard of cooking. It was especially pleasing to see how all the team’s balanced originality and innovation whilst keeping in mind our overall food style. Margins were very close, but Sutton Hall’s Steve and Cat were crowned this year’s overall winners.

All the finalists win a prize for their efforts and the winners are taken on a fantastic culinary experience.

We owe Cheshire South & West College huge thanks for hosting us fantastically well at their Ellesmere Port Campus and Royal Greenland for their kind sponsorship.

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