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What we try to do is please our local audience by offering something a little different and where we can, a little local.

In wines we stick to a simple rule 'the wine has got to taste good and represent good value for money', it's about quality, but we also like to have quantity too, offering a list of 40 to 50 wines that cover most bases, occasions and tastes.

In the world of beers and lagers we always make sure there are some friendly familiar faces, but also something a little different. Our range of cask ales vary considerably from pub to pub but most will have 3 or 4 that don't change very often, ideally supporting local brewers and 2 or 3 that rotate to encourage that niggling urge many of us have to try something new.

B & P Original and Traditional Bitter

All of our pubs offer a Brunning and Price Bitter. In the north B&P Original bitter adorns our bars whilst in the south we offer B&P Traditional, both are brewed with the utmost of care and attention and of course regular quality control testing by ourselves to make sure everything is just so.

If you would like to know more about their stories, then read on: Brunning and Price Original and Brunning and Price Traditional.

Latest Drink News

Wine Tasting Days

July 2022

The last time we were able to get everyone together for a company wine tasting was just before the very first lock down – so this has been a long time coming and tasted all the more sweet for the waiting!

We fill a room full of almost 200 bottles of the most delicious wines we can get our hands on and many of the best wine suppliers across the land and invite our Managers and any passionate wine connoisseurs from their crew along to taste each in order to create their wine lists to take back to their pubs. Each pub is different and our customers have different tastes across the country, so it’s very important to us that the teams decided what makes their lists. It’s one of our favourite days in the B&P annual calendar and we are VERY pleased to see it’s return!

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