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Our Responsibilities


We’re committed to doing whatever we can to have a positive impact on our world and the people around us. It seems only right that as most of our pubs are ‘drive to destinations’ for most of our customers, we should do our bit to create clean fuel sources, so all of our cooking oil is now recycled into bio diesel. This means we are helping to power vehicles with clean fuel sources. To give you an example of the effects of this, in one randomly picked month (April 2020) Brunning and Price contributed 15,761 litres of ‘UCO’ which equates to 32,326 kg of carbon saved (and hopefully helping lots of our customers to make the journey back to us!).

As you can imagine we go through lots of glass and paper, and there is inevitably food waste as we deal with so much fresh produce. This is all segregated out in our waste and now a whopping 99.73% of all of our rubbish is diverted away from landfills and recycled in one way or another. We now only use recycled paper in the pubs and in our office and have eliminated the single use plastics that we can by removing items likes straws and stirrers in our drinks. We are also working with our suppliers to reduce the single use plastics used in their packaging.

We now create our own antibacterial disinfectant cleaner in house using a clever system that simply adds an electrical current to water and salt. A chemical reaction then takes place and combines the naturally occurring elements of hydrogen, oxygen and chlorine into hypochlorous acid, an effective disinfectant, and sodium hypochlorite, a mild pH level cleaning agent - no manufacturing, no plastic packaging and no delivery which all add to the reduction of carbon emissions, but we still get an effective sanitiser that kills 99.99%+ of germs, including the big ‘C-19’!.

Still lots to do, but it’s very much a topic that we feel passionately about and we are pleased to report that we are making huge strides in reducing our imprint on the planet.

Animal Welfare

We ensure that the suppliers we work with stick to strict standards of animal welfare and sustainability.

Our butchers focus on quality and consistency of product, with transparency in the supply chain, offering traceability across all their range which gives us the confidence that the product we believe we are buying is the product we are receiving.

We work with local UK suppliers wherever possible, helping to reduce food miles and add provenance to menus.

‘Nose to tail’ consumption is critical to the better use of animals. The cost of raising cattle for consumption is huge, as is the environmental cost and so through menu management, we encourage consumers towards less popular cuts of meat.

The Ocean is under great pressure, overfishing, pollution and climate change are threatening marine life and seafood supply. Brunning and Price source fish (wild and farmed) responsibly, we do not buy fish that comes from overfished stocks and we have full traceability of where our fish comes from, meaning that we never knowingly sell products that may damage the environment.

All shell eggs that we use are RSPCA certified free range and we are working towards all eggs as an ingredient being cage free.

We source much of our fresh produce through Freshview who subject to the seasons and availability, will always source responsibly from the UK. Their UK growers have been audited and so we have an understanding of their sustainability and their ethics and ethos, which must mirror our own. Freshview have a genuine belief and expectation that their growers and producers share their passion for environmental issues.

Freshview work hard to ensure that ‘food miles’ are reduced as much as possible, supporting a number of local independent growers and producers. This provenance and local supply chain fits well with their ethos and that of ours here at Brunning and Price.

When it comes to the actual planting, husbandry and growing of the produce Freshview leaves all this on the growers shoulders as they are the experts in this area. By working in partnership with them, rather than taking a short-term view, they are able to help them plan for the future thus guaranteeing them consistent, healthy business. As well as security for their growers, this in turn ensures availability of product for customers in years to come – in short, real sustainability.

Further sustainability comes in the way they deliver and move the food. Around 50% of their split boxes are now delivered in reusable crates, saving hundreds of tonnes of cardboard and paper each year and reducing waste collection. They also have invested in a logistics system which identifies efficient routing to keep food mileage to a minimum, and optimises fuel efficiency.

Health and Wellbeing

As members of the ethical trading initiative Sedex, we’re helping the world improve working conditions and put an end to modern slavery. We believe in being respectful to everyone we work with, from our suppliers to our crew, paying a fair wage, supporting their work / life balance and mental health needs and ensuring that we offer an environment that is inclusive of all diversities.

Any tips that our lovely customers leave are paid using a tronc system which is a HMRC approved method of handling any non-cash tips and gratuities. If a customer chooses to pay a cash tip, these are placed in the collective pot and are shared fairly to those they were intended for.

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