About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is a little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth a read.

Usually we would write a few pages about the history of a pub, which makes for interesting reading if you're dealing with a 450 year old manor house or a water mill with its feet in the 13th century, but in this instance there isn't much history to go on as the Old Orchard is a comparatively sprightly 80 year old.

No doubt a Zeppelin would have drifted overhead sometime in the 30s, and the residents would have watched the battle of Britain from the house's terraces, but of documented history there is none. What the Old Orchard does have in spades is an extraordinary panoramic view of lakes and countryside stretching for miles, with almost no human habitation visible in any direction.

The lakes you see are themselves of comparatively recent origin, having been originally formed by the extraction of gravel going back to the 19th century. It is a conservation area known as the Colne Valley Regional Park, and covers over 40 square miles with 200 miles of river and canal and over 60 lakes: it is a haven for wildlife and is a major recreational facility for west London.

Lesley Alaway, a local historian, has been immensely helpful in piecing together the history of the building. She found out that the Old Orchard was originally just a country house and the two bungalows at the entrance to the property also belonged to the estate. The Gills bought the property in 1965 and were there until 1972. Mr Gill started doing bed and breakfast, and subsequently obtained a drinks license as many of his guests were business men away from home.

He then opened the restaurant to the public and progressed to dinner dance nights with cabaret - local people remember them fondly: apparently they used to be extremely popular and would take place in the room on the left as you enter the building.

Mr Gill eventually sold the business to Peter Gordon who installed manager Keith David, who subsequently bought it from Peter, who in turn sold it to Mike Walsh.

When we took the building it had been trading as an Edwinns restaurant for a number of years and had a small but loyal following who were sorry to see the brand's demise.

If you are local and are able to shed any further light on the history of the Old Orchard, I would be indebted if you could email the pub at [email protected].

If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house


Deputy Manager

Dan is the man that always can. On top of looking after the guests, any requests you may have, Dan is your go-to. Our own ‘handy Andy’, always ready with his tool kit. With a background in Michelin star service, he has a keen eye for the details and the great ability to make everyone smile. He is our resident barista, perfecting those coffees and perking up the team throughout the day.


Assistant Manager

Laura is part of the building at this point, with 6 years of service at the Old Orchard under her belt. She is always cheerful and super organised, without her working her magic behind the scenes, we would be truly lost. Nothing is too much for this lady.


Assistant Manager

Issy joins us with almost a decade of experience in high end top quality restaurants. Highly organised with a real focus on all the little details. You don't want to end up on her bad list. Always with a smile on her face and making sure our customers are well looked after.



Fresh from university Parthav is as sharp as they come. He never misses a trick and is always keen to learn.



Mark is our beer and cellar expert.Always ready with a bottle opener. Happy to chat all day long about our great selection of ales or the perfect wine pairing for your meal.



The real heart of our pub. Danielle is our little Bambi and twice as cute. Always there with a welcoming smile and first class service.



Sound as a pound and a real top geezer. If his winning smile doesn't get you his sense of humour will.



Debbie is our little star always going above and beyond to look after our customers and guests.



Senior Sous Chef

Fiery as a chilli pepper. Rex has been working in kitchens most of his life. He started cooking 27 years ago and never looked back. Rex is a professional who loves all things food and maintains high standards in the kitchen. Staff are always well fed when Rex is in the kitchen especially when he shows off his skills and tests new dishes on us.


Junior Sous Chef

With 11 years catering experience classically trained in great British menus we are lucky to have a 2016 best in class gold medal winner on the team.


Chef de Partie

The best haircut in the kitchen! Hard working Alex has been in kitchens for almost 5 years starting when he was just sixteen. He is always happy to help and make sure of a good service and quality of food. Always with a smile on his face even after a long shift.


Chef de Partie

Nicolai joins us with 20 years catering experience under his belt. He earned his stripes working in kitchens here and abroad. His favourite dish to prepare is sushi.




Sharon is our number one! We love Sharon. She keeps the pub in pristine condition and bosses the other cleaners around. She's always smiling, even if she does start at silly o'clock.


Kitchen Porter

Alex is one of the most hardworking people we have ever met. No matter if he is up against a huge pile of washing up or a hundred kilos of potatoes to peel Alex always has a smile on his face.


Kitchen Porter

Stuart is the backbone of the kitchen. Hardworking, always smiling friendly and approachable even when he is buried under a pile of dirty dishes. We just need to keep him happy with packs of crisps and a coffee now and then.


Gardener/Maintenance Person

Peter is the man who literally keeps the pub running. There is nothing he cant fix or repair.