The Hare

Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells

About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is a little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth a read.

The landlord William Mobsey in 1903
and his wife

The original building dates from 1733 and became a pub in 1785, but this building was demolished in 1900 when a fire partially destroyed the living accommodation and revealed the old house to be in an advanced state of dilapidation. The current building was completed in 1901 and for several years served as a hotel.

William and Anne's daughter had her wedding
reception at the pub in 1903

The list of owners of the premises, from Isaac Goodwin in 1733, sounds like a who’s who of local brewing history, and also reflects the national trend of bigger, regional breweries taking over from independent family owned-businesses. Bridge Brewery in Tonbridge, the Dartford Brewery Co. Ltd., Style and Winch Medway Brewery, Barclay Perkins & Co. of London, Courage and Barclay Ltd and, ultimately, Greene King successively bought the Greyhound, as it was then known. Brunning and Price took the lease and renamed the pub in 1986, beginning the transformation into the busy, bustling pub of today.

The Greyhound

We originally had the Hare on a tenancy from Courage, but after a year, they offered to sell it to us for £252,000, on a take-it-or-leave-it basis, no negotiation. We thought it was a fair price so we accepted. A few days later we were discussing it with 3i’s ‘Industry Sector Specialists’ in Birmingham, who persuaded us to write to Courage and offer them £170,000 instead. We heard nothing so we telephoned but had to leave a message. Still we heard nothing so we left another message. Still we heard nothing so we faxed. That was it, until a letter arrived telling us the pub had been sold to Greene King - and so we became Greene King tenants. Fortunately they’ve turned out to be a much better crowd than the national breweries, and apart from being nice people (or because of it), they make great beer.

If we hadn’t listened to 3i we would have owned the freehold outright, but we did, so we don’t. These days, we trust our own judgement. We duly plotted the experience on our learning curve, and beat ourselves around the head with it every time it comes to a rent review.

If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house



Coming from a restaurant background Arran started gravitating towards working in pubs in 2018 and hasn't looked back. "Pubs are much more fun!". He took the reigns at the Hare in 2022. When not at the pub he works at, he's usually to be found at other local pubs and restaurants (gathering intel, he says!) and spending time with his wife Ines and cat Mayo (or Mayonnaise if she's misbehaving...)


Deputy Manager

Evi came to the Hare at the beginning of 2023. Having grown up with parents running resturants, some might say it was fated for her to work in pubs! If you don't see her bustling about at the Hare, you're guarenteed to find her down at the Pantiles, either sipping a coffee in the morning or a cheeky vino in the evening!


Assistant Manager

Effie started with us towards the end of the summer 2023 after starting her career in hospitality in clubs and bars in Nottingham. After moving back down to Tunbridge Wells, Effie opted for a little bit of a change of pace and has settled in wonderfully with us here at the Hare. A firm favourite with our locals to crack a joke or two with, next time you're in give Effie a wave and ask after her pride and joy, Neil, her cat.



Julian has been with us here at the Hare for a few years, popping in and out whilst studying at university. If you're a fan of craft ales, Julian is your go to man. In his spare time, he's an avid fan of the outdoors, from running to rock climbing and is sporting one of the best mullets that Langton Green has seen for years. Business in the front, party in the back!



Luke joined us as a member of our managment team after a few years of hospitality already under his belt. Affectionatly known as the busiest man at the Hare, when he isn't pouring pints and mixing G&Ts, he's busy snapping shots of weddings, parties and of course, our beloved Hare, or running his sweet shop business. Langton Green's very own Willy Wonka!



If you've visited the Hare with your pooch, you have definetly met our wonderful Gill. Besides a warm welcome for our lovely guests, Gill will always be armed with a dog biscuit (or two!) for our favourite four legged friends. Gill's spare time is spent with friends, family and a beardy man (a nickname for one of our rose's, we think?). Whilst working with us full time, Gill also finds time to be the unoffical sponsor of Berroca!



Affectionately known as the "blonde one behind the bar". Emily's used to being rushed off her feet, she has four young sprogs at home to keep her out of trouble and we know, she doesn't look old enough. Loves a drop of the Guvnor after a busy Sunday lunch.



A former publican herself, Tina was Bar Manager at the Tunbridge Wells Assembly Halls for 9 years. It's fair to say she's seen a few famous faces in her time there, but she's not one to name drop! Known for her home-cooking, she's often bringing in treats for us, most notably her delicious fudge!



Originally from up north, no we don't mean Watford, we're talking Darlington here. Rachel moved down south in 2017 to begin her career with British Airways. When she's not jet-setting to 44 different countries she's keeping herself busy with her house renovations.



Senior Sous Chef

Cvyatko (pronounced Tsetso) is originally from Bulgaria where he had his own pub. Before he moved to the bright lights of Tunbridge Wells he spent some time in the Vermont where he worked at a floating restaurant. Still uneasy on solid ground, Cvyatko spends his days off entertaining his two little boys. If he offers you an iced tea, take it – his is the best! If he offers you a Boza, not matter the health claims, drink at your peril!


Head Chef

Cool, calm and collected, our Head Chef Gabi has been leading the kitchen here since 2010. You can spot him wearing his favoured bandana in lieu of a chefs hat. At our Christmas party he revealed he can drive a tank, so if you've got one that needs moving, hes your guy! Gabi is a busy man with two little ones to look after as well as a burgeoning allotment.



Andy started with us here at the Hare as a kitchen porter and worked his way up to being one of our amazing chefs. Known for his sweet tooth, Andy is most happy when treating himself to some treats and discovering beautiful churches when at home or on holiday.


Chef de Partie

One of the foundations of the kitchen, Chris started with us in 1997 and is still going strong keeping everything going. He works overtime every week to keep the kitchen spotless, and on top of that he makes a mean sticky toffee pudding.




Janet started at the Hare in 1987, long before Brunning and Price took the pub, and is a mother figure to the crew new and old. She is one of the rocks on which the pub is built, and when you phone the pub in the morning it is more than likely that she’ll be the one helping you.