About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is a little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth a read.

Quite a few in the company thought the Glasfryn was one of the less attractive properties in the group, perhaps because, in the absence of mature trees, it didn't sit happily in its environment.



Having said that, the building itself does have its defenders, being an early example of Arts and Crafts architecture. It's possibly the glazed red brick that makes it look a bit cold from the outside, but once you're in, there's a lovely atmosphere.


...can you guess

We've planted lots of climbing plants that will hopefully spread over the building and soften it to the eye, and planted plenty of trees that will help it sit more comfortably in the landscape, but it will take time. There are some great views from the terrace.

Weeding the garden...

...the day after

The building was originally built as a judges' residence for the circuit judges attending the courts opposite, although no judge ever actually stayed here. There was a brief flurry in the press at the time, as it was the most expensive judges' quarters in the land because although it had never been used, it still had a full-time housekeeper and butler in residence. They must have had a sweet time of it while it lasted.

The building was subsequently sold and became a farm, which looked very pleasant surrounded by trees and bushes, although these have sadly disappeared in the intervening years. They needed large barns, which have now become our kitchens.

From free range...

...to kitchen range

When we bought the building in 1999, however, it was sadly dilapidated, and was being used as bedsits, but with a lot of care and attention, and a deal of money, it is looking as good as ever.

Photos courtesy of Ken Armstrong, Builders

If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house



Graham has been there and done it - he joined Brunning and Price many years ago as a chef, and was the Head Chef at the Pant for six years before going front of house there as joint Manager with Lindsey. He looked after Pen-y-Bryn between 2002 and 2010 before embracing a new challenge at Glasfryn. Graham has been teaching himself the electric guitar for a number of years now, and has finally mastered Slayer's seminal thrash metal classic "Spill The Blood".


Deputy Manager

Here is Mark, one of our Deputy Managers. He has recently celebrated his 10 year anniversary at Glasfryn, you could say he has become a part of the furniture. Often, much to everyones amusement, he is mistaken for our general manager Graham who is coincidentally a long term friend of Mark's. Mark enjoys a pint of Guinness (or two!) and is often sporting a cracking tan after holidaying at his Spanish home.


Deputy Manager

Kelly is our creative manager who would happily start putting up her Christmas decorations in September if it was acceptable. She dotes on her daughter Holly and partner Steven who is also in the trade. She always shows up to work ridiculously early, can't get enough of the place... and we can't blame her.


Deputy Manager

Jack joined the Glasfryn crew as a fresh faced 18 year old back in 2017, he has quickly moved up the ranks and became our Deputy Manager in 2021. Jack has a passion for beer and is a massive Aston Villa fan. When he isn’t in work you will find him chilling out with his fox red Labrador Brad.


Assistant Manager

Meet Emma, our Assistant Manager. Emma joined us 4 years ago, with a small hiatus in 2019 until 2020 while she worked and travelled in Australia. She has a cockapoo called Maggie Moo and is a keen horse rider.



Suzanne is one of our long term servicers! She is bright, bubbly, and is a hit with customers and staff alike. She is the most glamourous member of our team and brings a bit of glitz to the Welsh countryside.



Another one of our long-time serving staff, while she only intended to be here for 12 months she recently made it to her LTS of 10 years! Fiona is our Head Supervisor and the mother of the group, keeping everyone’s sprits up and rallying round all the youngsters. When she isn’t in work she can be found walking her 2 Beagles in the hills around her home in Cilcain.



Bella is the coffee aficionado at Glasfryn! She joined us in April 2021 just as we came out of the second lockdown and got to experience outside only service. She is hard working, loves to bake and regularly brings in her creations for the staff to try. She has an NVQ in hospitality under her belt and is a real asset to the team.



Sous Chef

Marco is one of our Sous Chefs. Originally from Bolivia he is currently residing in Mold. Having done the rounds of a few the B&P pubs he has settled on Glasfryn as his work home. Marco is the calm collected one in the kitchen, and enjoys a beer or two after work