About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth read.

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If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house



Phoebe started off her time at her local (and our sister pub), the Refectory when she was just 17 and she has recently joined us from the Highdown in Worthing. Eight years later she has worked up the ranks and has found herself her perfect match at the Bell. She loves organising Christmas Markets and Dog Walks (especially if it involves having a beer at the same time!). Keep an eye out for her ever changing hair colour!


Assistant Manager

Maria has been part of the B&P family for nearly 4 years and has over 10 years experience in hospitality in total. Originally from Poland, she loves partaking in extreme sports. If she is not working, or throwing herself out of a plane, you will find her looking after her gorgeous toddler, George with her partner.


Assistant Manager

Caitlin has been part of the Bell team since we became part of the B&P family. Working her way from waitress up to assistant manager in a short space of time. She now plays a huge part in ordering the ales for the bar, the passion for sampling one or two shows in her great selection! When not working she is likely to be down the field looking after her horses. Oh and also never say she is from the Isle of Wight!


Assistant Manager

Bea has been with us for a over a year now, with a background in restaurants, this was the first pub she’s worked in. Always with a smile on her face, and chatting with her team, she is loving pub life! With a passion for social media (keep an eye out for more posts from her), if she's not working you will find her spending time with friends and family, with one (or two) glasses of wine in hand.



Tom is a local lad who joined us in early 2023. Quickly working his way up to Bar Supervisor, he has also quickly become a favourite with the locals. Never without a smile behind the bar, the football playing, jiu-jitsu fighting, cycling and rubik's cube solving barman has done a lot in his short 19 years but we are now happy he is has settled here at the Bell.



No one is 100% sure if Chloe is ever joking or not, her humour is dryer than the Sahara Desert, but we are pretty sure she likes it here. Always behind the bar, she will pour you a pint quicker than you can ask for it! If you don't see her behind the bar, she's probably in front of it with a pint of Aspall's in hand (that's why we know she likes it here!).



Meet Lorna, our newest addition to the management team! Lorna comes from a wine trade and hospitality background. She is happy when cooking for friends and family and tasting many different wines, as Lorna says wine + dinner = winner! Needless to say with her years of experience and 'can do' attitude she is an amazing asset to our team.



Heather is our little pocket rocket supervisor who joined the Bell in March 2022. Bringing with her over 25 years pub and retail experience. In her spare time, Heather enjoys looking after rescue animals; which have included ponies, horses, cats, dogs and a rabbit. She also enjoys riding and teaching children horse management and how to stay safe around horses. Oh and drinking the odd pint of cider.....



Oh how happy we are to have Katherine is "on board", yes you guessed it - we are just Katherine's "other job" - her main job is working for BA high up in the sky! You'll often find her running around the floor, charming you all with her perfect air hostess smile.



We were given a couple of different photos to use for Sandy, but we think this one sums her up the most! The first to put her hand up to try anything, it's a shame her gorgeous face is hidden by the mask but there is no doubt you would recognise her from working on the floor.



Jess has worked at the Bell for nearly two years. If she is not serving you breakfast, she will be looking after her two little boys, who are full of personality, just like her! You will most likely see her with sunglasses on chilling in the garden. A great addition to the team... the start of the weeks and early mornings are that bit easier with Jess about.



Ann-Marie is an absolute whippet, you might recognise her from serving you breakfast or whizzing around the floor on any given day! When Ann-Marie isn't running (and talking) at 100000mph, she is stopping off at the Bell for a drink - after a cycle!



Amelia is one of our girls of many talents, you may find her behind the bar, running food or running a busy section - she's an absolute gem. When she is not overseas studying in Belfast, she is only a couple doors down from us, which has come in handy... a few times!



Tom is another local lad, who is becoming a strong favourite of the locals. Partners in crime, with Supervisor Tom, they are the hilarious 'Tom Duo' of the pub! Tom is up for anything and is always making his team mates laugh. If he is not working evenings, he either playing football or going to college.



Sam is a charming local lad who has joined us while finishing his last year of 6th Form. If he is not studying, you will find him working at the pub, whizzing about delivering your food. We are very happy to have him on the team and look forward to summer when we don't have to share him with school!



Head Chef

Our Head Chef Anna gives the guys a run for their money in the kitchen... originally from Poland and many years experience in the kitchen, she keeps the kitchen running smoothly and the food flowing! She is constantly thinking of new dishes to add to the menu, while also guiding her team to success!


Sous Chef

Ben has grown up in the Midlands and worked predominantly in fine dining hotel restaurants in the Cotswolds. Although his original expertise was in pastry, he crossed over to the savoury side of cooking some years ago as he felt that would make him a more complete chef. In his spare time, he has a passion for nature and wild places, travel and photography.


Chef de Partie

In Cameron's own words he is the "brilliant short chef". Now as much as we may not want to make his head any bigger, we do feel lucky to have him as part of our kitchen team. Cameron originally worked as a KP for us when we first took over the Bell. After a short period of time spreading his wings in other kitchens we were happy to have him back in 2022 as a fully fledged chef. When not working its likely you will find him spending time with his girlfriend or planning his next piece of body art.


Chef de Partie

Jack joined our kitchen team in early 2023. Always smiling and super interested in learning we hope that Jack develops his career with us here at the Bell for many years to come. When not at work you are more than likely to find Jack in front of his computer gaming or browsing (and normally purchasing) rather nice kitchen knives.



From Waiting Staff to Housekeeping with Kitchen Porter in between (and at one point all together!) what can Cherise not do? Always with a smile on her face, early mornings are that bit easier when she is around. Having worked at the pub for 5 years, she knows everyone and everything! If she is not at work, she is most likely walking her dog and spending time outside.



Ferdy, originally from Madeira, has a wealth of housekeeping knowledge that she has been using at the Bell for over 4 years now. She keeps the pub shining and is always up for helping the team in different ways. A hard worker and full of character, it's hard not to laugh in the early hours of the morning when she is about!


Gardener/Maintenance Person

As the Mother of the Author, I have nothing but fantastic things to say about this lady. Lorraine (mum) loved it at the Highdown so much, she drives from Godalming once or twice a week to give us a hand. Always with a smile on her face, it takes a lot to pull her away from her two spaniels - but we're glad to have her.