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Here is just a little info to let you get to know our pub better...


Here is little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth read.

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If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house

Peter Palfi


Peter is from beautiful Budapest, and moved here in 2007 with his wife and two sons. He is a bit of a petrol head and loves F1, as well as being addicted to his 1982 black Porsche 911 (though he insists he isn't old enough for a mid life crisis). He cannot understand how the English drink tea with milk, and is best avoided in the mornings until he's had his triple espresso. Oh, by the way, he hates being called Peter Palfi Picked a Peck of Pickled Pepper - just try it.

Rachel Hanna

Deputy Manager

Rachel joined the BnP family in October 2015 after working in Michelin starred restaurants from London to Edinburgh. She has joined us here at the Arrow Mill after working in our sister pubs, The Greyhound and the Old Courthouse. Her passion for everything food related shows, but has a keen liking to Gin, Cheese and Coffee. In her spare time she will either be walking border collie Paige, driving around around in her blue beetle or down her local. With this typical blonde around, there is never a dull day at the Arrow Mill.

Ben Palfi


Ben is Peter's son and has been with the company for a while now. He started six years ago at The Greyhound collecting glasses before working his way up to becoming a supervisor at Arrow Mill. He enjoyed Hospitality so much he decided to study Hospitality and Business management at UCB. Ben is a bit of a petrol head and has a keen interest in cars and gadgets. When he is not cruising around in his car Ben loves to play video games past his bed time.

Sian Gibson


Sian has had a lot of experience in hospitality and really knows how to bring energy to the place. Bubbly and full of life Sian is never without her contagious smile. She’s a big foodie and loves to eat nearly as much as she loves a good G&T. She’s currently making her way through our gin list in her spare time to enhance her knowledge.

Eden Lewis

Bar/Waiting Staff

Eden has been with the company for nearly 5 years now, previously working at the Falcon before joining us at Arrow Mill. Eden is currently in her final year of university at Birmingham City but is looking forward to doing a masters in speech and language therapy. When Eden isn’t busy with work or Uni, you’ll normally catch her spending too much time online shopping buying things she doesn’t need, or binge watching Netflix series. If you see Eden at the bar be sure to get her a pornstar martini – its her favourite.

Bethany Crumpton

Bar/Waiting Staff

Outside of the Arrow Mill Beth is an international cyclist and British champion, who has also competed in the Commonwealth games. So as you can imagine spends a lot of time in lycra and on her bike. Beth loves a good adventure and being outdoors but when she gets a minute to put her feet up she likes to unwind with a nice gin and tonic and a chocolatey treat – she’s a self confessed chocoholic.

Harry Hudson

Bar/Waiting Staff


Gareth Evans

Head Chef

Our Head Chef Gareth hails from South Africa, but luckily for us he has now settled at the Arrow Mill. He's a man of few words who lets his cooking do the talking. He comes from a Michelin starred restaurant background, so he knows his beans. Gareth is kept busy when he is not working by his two children and is married to Charlotte.

Maciej Czernic

Sous Chef

Our sous chef Macej came from Poland to England in 2008. His first job in the UK was as a pot wash but he soon worked his way up through the kitchen and has been a sous chef for some time now. Before training as a chef he used to be a mechanic and has a love for all things cars. He says his two big passions in life are cars and clothes and he would spend all his money on this if he could. When he isn’t busy in the Arrow Mill kitchen, Macej loves to cook and mostly eat Thai and Jamaican food.

Ian Dawe

Chef de Partie

Ian has always been a chef but reckons if he wasn’t doing this then he would have made a fine painter and decorator. When Ian isn’t at work he is busy running around after his two children and Border Collie Buster. He doesn’t seem to catch a break from cooking though as he is also the chef of his household. The family favourite is Ian’s homemade lasagne. If Ian does get a quiet minute to himself then he likes to unwind playing on his Xbox.

Matthew Thomas

Chef de Partie

Matt joined the Arrow Mill team earlier this year. He says he’s always known that being a chef was what he wanted to do and hopes to continue it as his career for many more years to come. His first memories of cooking were with his Grandad who taught him how to cook at a young age, and where he says his passion for food began. In the near future Matt hopes to travel across America in particular likes the idea of New York and says he would love to live and work there one day.

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