About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth read.

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If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house



When we first came across David he had his own event management company in Llangollen, where he helped organise the Food Festival, the Hot Air Balloon festival and the Motorbike Show, amongst others. In his spare time he is a hot-air balloonist himself, and pilots his own craft. Dave earnt his spurs at our ever-busy sister pubs in Manchester, The Wharf and Worsley Old Hall before moving over the water to open The Red Fox in 2014.


Senior Deputy Manager

James comes to us with 15 years of experience and he is never happier than when he's lovingly tending his cask lineup. On his days off you can find him, or not find him, striking out into the wilderness with Bella his gorgeous yellow Labrador, or propping up a bar with a nice pint of cider.


Senior Deputy Manager

Laura came to us 8 years ago after working in pubs and hotels from before she was legally old enough to buy a pint. She is a qualified florist, which comes in really handy when Christmas comes around as she's a wizz at throwing up the decorations. She fits in well around here as she is equally as likely to be found drinking a nice glass of wine or a pint of porter depending on her mood.


Senior Deputy Manager

Local lass Becky has been with us since the beginning. She came to us after a whirlwind few months travelling the world and decided it was time to settle down. Young and ambitious, she is partial to a gin or two which stands her in good stead for a bright B&P future. When not in work, you will find her in an exotic country or curled up on the sofa with her two cats.


Deputy Manager

Jen joined us at the Red Fox after five years at Harkers, AKA beer capital of Brunning and Price. She is working on gaps in her knowledge at present, so is working her way through our 110 strong gin collection. She is an enthusiastic home baker, and we always look forward to her coming in after days off with leftover cakes.


Assistant Manager

Doting dad Kyle has been in the pub trade since he left school and what he doesn't know about the folk of the Wirral is not worth knowing. Laura, his wife, also works here and they have two sons called Theo and Niall. In his spare time he loves fitness, sports and enjoying a pint or two on the other side of the bar.


Assistant Manager

Ben first started as a "glassy" and is now one of our Assistant Managers. It's fair to say he is a Red Fox success story! Ben is usually found at the gym when he's not in work - or tinkering about with his other pride and joy, his car. His favourite dish is the chicken burger, and somehow always manages to wangle one out of the kitchen for his staff food!


Trainee Assistant Manager

As well as being one of our brilliant Assistant Managers Caz is our Wellbeing Ambassador. She likes to make sure everyone around her is happy and it's amazing how often the road to happiness is filled with vast quantities of Prosecco.



Abbie has worked in hospitality and knows all. Always smiling and keeping busy, she loves speaking to new people. She loves every dog that comes in and greets them with a warm welcome... their owners too. Abbie loves a glass of wine, Sauvignon blanc is her go to, along with some garlic and chilli prawns from our nibbles menu, of course!



'Lady Di' is a Red Fox fixture. always ready with a winning smile. Happiest when the pub is full and she can zip from table to table chatting to everyone



Ever-smiling Elisha is one of our longest serving members of the team, having been with us since just after we opened, so what she doesn't know about the Red Fox or our customers just isn't worth knowing. She's infamous for her partying stamina and love of a night out... except now she's growing up she has to book the week after off to recover. Her taste in wine is much improving as she gets older too and is fond of a Sancerre... if her boyfriend is paying that is!



Rachel is a firm favourite amongst the Red Fox customers and is always ready with a friendly smile. In her spare time she loves to potter around her garden and spend time with her husband Mark.



Sarah is our wonderful social media genius. When she isn't zooming around the pub taking photos, she is usually out in Liverpool enjoying the nightlife or at a music festival. You may also have spotted her and her beloved dog Jasper walking around Heswall.



Laura is a marvel at multi-tasking and splits her time between the office and the pub and keeps us running smoothly. She is married to our Assistant Manager Kyle and they have two gorgeous boys, Theo and Niall. Laura has been in the pub trade since 2010 and always has a smile on her face. When she's not keeping us all on our toes she uses her spare time going on walks and baking with her boys. Laura loves a crisp cider or fruity gin to finish her day!



James is another one of our well-being ambassadors. He is very committed to expanding his wine knowledge, and will enthusiastically taste anything you put in front of him! He's less of a pet person and more of plant person - he will love tend any cutting you bring him!



Emma came to us just after lockdown and soon fell in love with working in the Little Fox. She is now an event supervisor who also loves helping not only on Little Fox events but also our iconic events such as Beer Festival and Gin Festival. In her free time she enjoys travelling as much as possible along with spending time with her friends, family and her beloved dog Luna.



Kim has been with us for just over 4 years (we think she just likes to keep an eye on her daughter Becky who is one of our Deputy Managers). When not looking after our lovely customers she can be found in the garden or at Prenton Park watching her beloved Tranmere Rovers.



Ange has been a part of the Red Fox team right since the beginning. She pops in a couple of times a week to brighten up our day and regale us with stories of her beautiful grandson Jude. This place wouldn't be the same without her.



With a background in hospitality, Em joined the Red Fox in 2021. She is swiftly proving that she is multi-talented as she is now a invaluable member of the Little Fox events team. When we're not singing her praises, she can be found singing in an acapella choir, or drinking a gin or two!



Head Chef

Scott came to us from our sister pub 'Rake Hall' to show off his skills in our event space 'the Little Fox' and then took over the reins of Head Chef for the whole site right around the time he and his wife welcomed baby Eden into the family... so he's very tired but very happy all the time!

Happiest when he has a pint in one hand, is watching his beloved Chelsea and teaching his son all about football


Sous Chef

Graeme is a man of many talents. As well as the 32 years of cheffing experience behind him, he also used to sing in a band and is an ex-professional rugby player for Wigan! Grahams ideal evening would be somewhere with good music, some delicious Greek food and his favourite cocktail, an Old Fashioned, in his hand.


Chef de Partie

"Cammers", or "Mr Heswall" is something of a legend in these parts. He's always got a smile on his face, even under a mountain of checks and is chief morale officer in the kitchen.


Chef de Partie

Liam has been with us for just under a year, but when he's not working hard behind the passé you will find him playing sports or reading. Liam has also done a lot of travelling, his favourite destinations so far are Oslo, Athens and Spain.


Chef de Partie

Rhys, also known as the 'music man' of the kitchen, is a key member of our Back of House team. His team efforts do not stop there, as he also plays for Tranmere Victoria Cricket Club. Rhys' favourite way to unwind after a busy shift is playing video games. His favourite dish from our menu is the steak burger, with pulled pork of course!


Commis Chef

Hollie is our young and enthusiastic commis chef. She has been with us for just under a year but is a whizz in the kitchen and a big team player. Even when Hollie isn't working in our kitchen, you are most likely to find her in her kitchen at home baking for all her loved ones. In her free time she loves a good cocktail and is a paint balling pro.



Kitchen Porter

Matt's our KP extraordinaire! When he's not flying around after the chefs in work, he's likely found fixing up his classic mustang or perfecting his craft as an up-and-coming woodworker - and all this while studying applied arts!!


Gardener/Maintenance Person

All our indoor plants and trees are lovingly tended to by Sarah and they keep her busy because there are a lot of them! She's also a bit of a whizz at gel nails and enjoys a tipple or two in her spare time.


Gardener/Maintenance Person

Greg is our ultimate go-to guy. We haven't found anything yet that he can't fix or doesn't know about fixing. He is also the guy who is helping us compost the waste from Outfoxed so we can give it to Tom for the beautiful gardens for years to come. As his picture suggests, when Greg isn't keeping the pub ticking over he likes to kick back with a beer.


Gardener/Maintenance Person

Tom is our Head Gardener and what he doesn't know about plants just isn't worth knowing. He can be seen walking the grounds come rain or shine with a wheelbarrow or a spade and we think our gardens are the very best on the Wirral. In his spare time he can be found on his allotment or visiting famous gardens and flower shows looking for inspiration.