About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know our pub better...


Here is a little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth a read.

Jerry had spent much of his childhood in Colwyn Bay, and he remembers it as a genteel spinster aunt of a town - which of course describes pretty much every seaside town of that era.

We were aware that the Glasfryn in Mold was pulling in people from quite a way along the North Wales coast, because in all honesty there weren't that many nice places to go between Anglesey and Chester. So when Taylor's pub, as it was then, came on the market, our ears pricked up. Taylor's had been built in the seventies by David Taylor, the manager of the Royal Hotel in the middle of Colwyn Bay, who had decided that he wanted to build his own pub.

Martin McHale, one of our locals, told us that the plot of land that the pub and grounds sits on was up for grabs in the early eighties and both David and a local house builder were after the site. Fortunately David was successful in acquiring the site and he and the builder never spoke to each other again! All of the bricks in the external walls of the properties, and various other construction materials, were acquired by David following the demolition of a substantial number of properties between Old Colwyn and the West End of Colwyn Bay to make way for the new A55 dual carriageway in the early eighties. The pub opened for business as Taylors in late 1983. David sold the pub to Ray Perry in 1998 and we bought it from him.

Before we rogered it

The same view today

We liked the location, just far enough out of town to avoid the drinking circuit; we liked the views out over the sea and the headlands; we liked the dimensions of the building, which could support a busy operation; we liked the substantial car park, and we liked being in the heart of an extensive local community.



We bought the pub as a going concern but one of the difficulties was that the 'going concern' bit included a substantial youth trade, centred around Karaoke nights, which wasn't our bag at all.


Roger was here

We opened in June 2001 after a substantial refit, and had to do quite a bit of jigging and tweaking the edges to get the right amount of 'pubiness', but it now fits like a comfortable shoe, with its old furniture, open fires, oak floors, rugs and newspapers.

If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house

Sharon Brocklehurst


Our Shazza is a ray of sunshine with a beaming smile and a personality to match. In a previous life she worked as a gym assistant, so she likes to keep fit. She can often be found running around Conwy bright and early, but does still enjoy her Pinot Grigio. If you ask her if she's having a small, medium or large, her reply would be the bottle, not that she has a problem, she assures us! Outside of PYB she enjoys spending time with her husband Pete, her daughters Hollie and Georgia and of course, Logan the dog


Jonathan Rathbone

Head Chef

Johnny came from the Queens Head at Glanwyddan to join the company while still doing his NVQ level 3, and has not looked back since - after all, he's the head chef now. He is a demon golfer on the side, and is a keen participant on the company golf days where he has an excellent track record.

Sean Smith

Senior Sous Chef

Affectionately known as Smudger, Sean is a happy chef with an army background, so he's disciplined and hard working, quiet and very easy going. He's an ex boxer who loves playing the guitar: so there's a lot going on there. He's also a devoted Dad and husband.

Robert Williams

Kitchen Porter

Robert has been KP'ing for some 20 years, so he's just about got the hang of it by now. The waitresses all love him because he polishes the cutlery for them – he knows the way to a girl's heart. Bobby is a mad gardener and a great family man - he has five brothers and five sisters, would you believe, and has been with his partner for ten years.


Steven Phoenix


Steve arrived before we even opened, when he planned, designed and landscaped the pub gardens, which were in a right old state. He is our full time gardener/handyman and fire-starter etc..If it needs doing, he will do it, especially if you ask nicely.

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