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About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know our pub better...



Here is a little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth a read.

Read on...

The first reference we have to the Black Jug is from early Victorian times. The photograph here on the left is from the turn of the century.

The pub is the double-gabled building
on the right

In the late 1800's, The Black Jug was renamed The Hurst Arms. This was probably due to Robert Hurst MP buying what is now known as Park House, which was adjoining the pub. This was the perfect place to display the Hurst family coat of arms, as was their wont in those times, but the building was burnt down and rebuilt in the 1930's.

The Hurst Arms

Thankfully, this horrific monolith of an office block next to the pub has since been demolished - not even Corbusier could have admired it, surely?

The pub sits in a commercial district of Horsham close to the extensive UK headquarters of Royal Sun Alliance, with various other offices scattered around, which lend the pub a very pleasing sort of professional city feel, if you like that sort of thing.

Keeping the city folk fed and watered...

The building sports the classic wooden panelling and plain wooden floors of the Edwardian period, and we have added our hallmark bookcases and old furniture. When we first visited the Jug it had no less than eight gaming machines - and very little else. The customers were a particularly attractive crowd of mostly ageing Hell's Angels, but at least lots of their bikes could get into the bijou car park.

We made some major changes, dropping the windows so that people could see in and out, and moving the kitchen from upstairs, downstairs.

We also covered part of the rear courtyard to create a sort of conservatory, but the remainder of the courtyard is still open to the sky and makes a good place to sit out on the beautiful sunny day we have during the year.

Although the pub does have a car park, it's so small it's next to useless, but there's plenty of parking around and about so it doesn't seem to matter.


If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to some of the crew...



We are currently researching the history of the pub and we'll share it here when it's finished. If you have any information from times gone by you'd like to share we'd love to hear from you so please get in touch.

Our crew

As our crew come on board, we'll be adding them here so you can get to know some faces...


Front of house

Ally Craig


Ally has spent most of his life living and growing up around Mold, where he first joined the company at Glasfryn. He studied up in Scotland (his ancestral birthplace) at St. Andrews University, where he managed to get an honours degree in Applied Chemistry and Bagpipes as well as a decent score on the 'Old Course'. He is a ski fanatic and spent some time as a chalet host in Austria as well as working as a snow board instructor. Though beings down south is turning him into somewhat of a softie.

Kelley Woodall

Deputy Manager

Kelley has been with us here at The Black Jug for some 12 years now and we wouldn't know what to do with out her! She has seen the times change, mangers come and go and now truly is the maternal glue that holds the place together. She is always on the move and looking to help out the staff and customers alike. Making everyone feel warm and welcome whenever you enter the building.

Patrick Landy

Trainee Assistant Manager

Like a true Irishman, Patrick is always keen to sell you a drop of Irish whiskey, and he is willing to show you on a map all the way to his home town of Tipperary. He could work for the Irish Tourist Board. Strangely his favourite colour is green.

Claire Reed

Bar/Waiting Staff

Claire has been here for what seems like for ever, but it is only about four years. After spending many an hour the right side of the bar decided to get behind the jump and earn some money whilst socialising with our guests. Not only is she one of hardest working members of the team, she is also one of the hardest out of work, spending her spare time looking after her two beautiful daughters. Ever the optimist Claire can always been found with a pair of sunglasses on her head, and if the season permits a glass of Gluhwein in her hand.

Foster Swift

Bar/Waiting Staff

Foster hails from Africa, she has and eclectic personality and a passion to learn new things and meet new people. She only works the evenings with us as she has two young boys to look after back at home, so not only does she come here for work, but also a bit of adult conversation. You can also tell when Foster is working as she stands out from the crowd with her wild dress sense, having been a model when she was younger, her flair for fashion has shown no sign of vanishing.


Paul Emmett

Head Chef

Paul joined the team here in April 2014 and we've not looked back since. Oddly for a chef he is super approachable, cool under fire and will even have a chat with the locals, so he's definitely a keeper. When he is not tending to his kitchen, he is never far away from his new love, his allotment.

Hugh Fitzgerald

Sous Chef

Hugh joined us from one of our sister pub's The Refectory, having worked there for two and half years and now with us for one and half years. Hugh lives and breathes hospitality, having now spent most of his working life in the industry. Working his way around various different roles with many different companies. Not content to be just a chef, you will often see him trying his wares pulling pints and even chatting to customers, not bad for a chef!

Dalton Cox

Commis Chef

We do not think that the Black Jug would be the same without Dalton. He is definitley 'part of the furniture' now. When not working at the pub he will never be far from his computer, playing on it, listening to it or learning all about CAD. A font of knowledge, and a perfect person to have on your pub quiz team and a huge lover of cocktails.


Dominic Molloy


Dom came to the Black Jug back in 2008 for two weeks work to help a friend, and seven years later he is still here, working hard and keeping the pub looking great. He is like gold dust, and worth every penny. Never short of a smile and a laugh, he will brighten anyone's day, or should I say everyone's day, and that is an order.

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We don't reserve any of our outside tables so if you enjoy a little alfresco dining these are first come first serve.


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Friday 1st to Saturday 9th November

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