About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth read.

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If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house

Tom Foster


Tom grew up living next door to one of our pubs, so knew what we were all about from a young age. He has a strong enthusiasm for good food and great beers. When he isn't working (which is very rare) Tom can be found tinkering with cars or going out shooting. He lives with his wife, daughter and cocker-spaniel Angus.

Phoebe Ploegaerts

Deputy Manager

Phoebe started off her time at her local (and our sister pub), the Refectory when she was just 17. Eight years later she has worked up the ranks and has found herself her perfect match at the Highdown. She loves organising Christmas Markets and Dog Walks (especially if it involves having a beer at the same time!). Keep an eye out for her ever changing hair colour!

Hannah Spencer-Smith

Deputy Manager

This one is madder than a box of frogs. Having worked in pubs for most of her life, she has recently joined the B&P crew and taken it in her stride. Cheeky and cheerful on the outside, it's her crazy cackle that you can hear throughout the downs that you need to watch out for!

Symon Webb

Assistant Manager

Symon has just recently joined the team with lots of boundless energy and enthusiasm that no one can match. He loves his two gorgeous little dogs who you may have met on our pub dog walk, and he will show your dogs the same amount of love. You'll never miss him, his shirt collection is next to none.

Alexandra Day


Alex is one of the bubbliest bar maids we've ever met, and bubbly in all the senses, she claims she's made up of 99% Prosecco! She get's her year round tan from trips to Marbella, when she's not taking time out to horse-ride and shop!

Sandra Gingell


Sandy is our resident Twinkle of sunshine! Whether she is there to get us out of trouble on a busy Sunday breakfast shift or hand decorating some baubles to sell at our Christmas Market - Sandy is a woman of so many talents we couldn't even begin to start counting.

Alice Snow


Alice is our resident red head (although she would never let you believe it). She is a fantastic laugh and will always be there when a G&T is being poured. She always pops in during her holidays from uni, and we honestly couldn't run a busy shift without her. Although, make sure you put her in the right section!

Caprice Orton


Caprice is our fantastic, leggy brunette! She might be seen behind the bar, on the floor or running food. She is covered in all manner of beautiful tattoos and we wouldn't have her any other way.

Emily Smart


Emily is our recently engaged (yay!) Tea Room waitress. In her spare time she can be found taking beautiful photos which anyone would be proud to have in their homes.

Saffron Maltby

Bar/Waiting Staff

Oh Saffers. She may seem cute and innocent but she is undoubtedly the only girl under our roof who can put the chefs in their place. Having been with us since we opened our doors, Saffron can always be relied upon to bring your food to your table without fail.


Bar/Waiting Staff

Maria is our feisty, Spanish Señorita. When she isn't at the Highdown, she works as a teacher - where does she get the energy?!

Serina Ward

Bar/Waiting Staff

Serina has been with us since day 1 and will be your main lady serving breakfast. She's got a killer Irish attitude and we wouldn't have her any other way. Just keep the Banana Rum out of her sight!

Jasmine Rendall

Bar/Waiting Staff

Jas joins our team after previously working here before the refurbishment. You can count on Jas to help out whenever and wherever needed. She's a pleasure to work with and always has a smile on her face.

Lorraine Ploegaerts

Bar/Waiting Staff

As the Mother of the Author, I have nothing but fantastic things to say about this lady. Lorraine (mum) loved it at the Highdown so much, she drives from Godalming once or twice a week to give us a hand. Always with a smile on her face, it takes a lot to pull her away from her two spaniels - but we're glad to have her.

Sadie Simmons

Bar/Waiting Staff

Sadie is one of our newer members of staff and what a great addition she is! In her spare time she dances and so who knows where she finds the energy to run up and down our stairs at the pace she does - but we couldn't do it without her!

Amaya Murphy

Bar/Waiting Staff

Amaya is one of our students who work part-time with us. When she isn't at work, she is busy progressing in her studies. She is even working at Tulley's this year!

Nicole Placide

Bar/Waiting Staff

Nicole is a Welsh Diamond and Mum to two of the most gorgeous children. Nicole has got to be one of our hardest workers and can always be seen running around our Oak room on a Sunday.

Sam Butler

Bar/Waiting Staff

Sam has got more nicknames than we do gins on the bar. His bellowing voice can be heard reciting stories and anecdotes no matter what time of day it is. I mean...we would agree that about 20% of then are worth listening to! No matter what though, this one always has a grin on his face and is a pleasure to have behind the bar.

Ji Ji Brown

Bar/Waiting Staff

Ji Ji is our beautiful waitress who joined us from the world of cabin crew. Having just moved to Worthing, we are so glad she is now a part of our team.

Rebecca Redman

Bar/Waiting Staff

Rebecca is one of our Tea Room stars! Without her, there is no doubt the place would fall into a million pieces. She has got to be the most calm member of staff on the entire team and we all envy her blue hair. Go Sonic!

Dylan Jackson

Bar/Waiting Staff

Oh lovely Dylan! How he manages to find time to work here AND train to be a paramedic is still beyond us but we're so happy to have him on board. Whether he's looking after big tables in the PDR or running 20,000 steps to get your food to you - we always know we can count on him.

Callum Dove

Bar/Waiting Staff

Callum. Brother of Kai, who is girlfriend of Alice. Callum has come from a long line of Highdown family heritage and we are now proud to have him as part of our family.

Sinead McCann

Bar/Waiting Staff

If you follow Sinead on social media, you won't be able to keep up with where she is! Always popping off on a romantic get-a-way or enjoying a drink at a pub fire. We're lucky we manage to squeeze her in for a shift!


Tom Chisnall

Sous Chef

Tom Chisnall has been with us since day one and we've watched him climb up the ranks as he has become quite an impressive young chef. If Tom isn't at work he is probably eating oysters or up the Shard or something casual...

James Schofield

Junior Sous Chef

James has joined us from The Bolney stage after spending four years working his way up the ranks. He started as a kitchen porter and quickly decided that he wanted a slice of the fast and furious kitchen action. James is now firing on all cylinders and we're proud to count him as an integral part of our kitchen crew.

Luke Adams

Junior Sous Chef

Luke's a local lad and is one of the bubbliest chefs we've ever met, he works harder than ever (when he's not having a natter in the Tea Room) and has a great eye for detail. When he’s not cheffing, he enjoys fixing up bikes.

Oscar Gaze

Junior Sous Chef

Oscar came and worked with us a few years ago over the Christmas period and had so much fun he decided to come back and join us full time! Oscar is a keen carp fisher, pool player and the most reliable taxi driver in Worthing.

Heather Weller

Chef de Partie

You can find Heather behind the scenes in the Tea Room as she is our chief sandwich technician. Here from the start, her passion shines through, and she is always there whenever, wherever you need her.

Lewis McKelvie

Chef de Partie

Lewis is one of our younger chefs but that does not mean that he plates anything other than delicious food! Labeled in the kitchen as the "Best scallop cooker", Lewis spends his free time playing darts with a pint. He is also a huge UFC fan, so watch out!

Kai Dove

Chef de Partie

Kai is one of the newest kitchen members, brought in by his girlfriend and our very own Alice! He is about 100ft tall and can throw out Afternoon Teas quick-time, probably because he can actually reach the top tier!

Matthew Gavaghan

Kitchen Porter

Matt is another one of our original members of staff. Although he is a great KP, he has an even better hand (and eye) for darts.


Hope Foster

Gardener/Maintenance Person

"Mrs Boss Lady". Hope is our General Manager's wife, but more than that - she's everyone's best friend. Part-time tea room, part-time gardener and full time mum. How she finds the time is beyond us, not to mention she is always bringing incredible treats for us to feast on too !