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Here is just a little info to let you get to know our pub better...


Here is little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth read.

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If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house

Tom Foster


Tom grew up living next door to one of our pubs, so knew what we were all about from a young age. He has a strong enthusiasm for good food and great beers. When he isn't working (which is very rare) Tom can be found tinkering with cars or going out shooting. He lives with his wife, daughter and cocker-spaniel Angus.

Phoebe Ploegaerts

Deputy Manager

Phoebe has joined us from one of our sister pub's, The Refectory, after being part of the management team there for the past few years, and we're very glad she made the move as she's an integral part of the team. She enjoys a glass of wine, a good gin & tonic, and well, anything including booze. Keep an eye out for her ever changing hair colour!

Nikki Stepney

Assistant Manager

Nikki joins our management team here at the Highdown with heaps of knowledge as she's worked in the hospitality industry for the past 12 years! She started out cheffing, but found her passion within pub management. In her spare time she can be found keeping busy with her two lovely children. She loves to travel and explore new places and culture's, but says you can't beat her mum's home cooked roast dinner, we're yet to be invited to try it out!

Alexandra Day

Bar/Waiting Staff

Alex is one of the bubbliest bar maids we've ever met, and bubbly in all the senses, she claims she's made up of 99% Prosecco! She get's her year round tan from trips to Marbella, when she's not taking time out to horse-ride and shop!

Joanne Jezard

Bar/Waiting Staff

You won't be able to miss Jo here at the Highdown, she has one of the most infectious smiles we've ever seen. When she's not jumping between the pub and tearoom, she practices Swedish massage and Reiki, believe it or not!


Bar/Waiting Staff

Maria is our feisty, Spanish Señorita. When she isn't at the Highdown, she works as a teacher - where does she get the energy?!

Jasmine Rendall

Bar/Waiting Staff

Jas joins our team after previously working here before the refurbishment. You can count on Jas to help out whenever and wherever needed. She's a pleasure to work with and always has a smile on her face.


Bar/Waiting Staff

Tom started off behind the bar fully bearded and as a teacher. Recently he has shaved it off completely for Movember and joined our team full-time, and it's no surprise why! You will normally find him behind the bar or if you can see a trail of mud left on the floor, you can assume it's from his boots...

Caprice Orton

Bar/Waiting Staff

Caprice is our fantastic, leggy brunette! She might be seen behind the bar, on the floor or running food. She is covered in all manner of beautiful tattoos and we wouldn't have her any other way.


Bar/Waiting Staff

Mel has been with us since October and has come on leaps and bounds. For someone who had never worked in a pub before, she is now a core member of our front of house who we couldn't do without. If she isn't running around the floor, she is probably spending time with her horse!


Dan Lee

Head Chef

Dan has had over 20 years of experience as a chef working all over the country. When you meet him, immediately his love of his home town, Birmingham, is apparent. After that, his cat Mr Blue Sky takes up all of his time and devotion. If he isn't in the kitchen, you can probably find Dan at the bar with a pint.

Brian Carter

Senior Sous Chef

After growing up in the pub industry, Brian knows everything there is to know about food and drink - especially beer. We try not to buy in Arundel Sussex Gold too often, because we just can't get rid of him when we do! As an avid Tottenham fan, you can often hear him yelling at the radio on a Saturday afternoon.

Daniel Callis

Senior Sous Chef

Dan come's with a wealth of knowledge after cheffing for nearly 12 years! He's a motivated hard worker but loves to play a joke, so always keep an eye on him. In his spare time, he enjoys mounting biking.

Tom Chisnall

Junior Sous Chef

You will definitely be able to hear Tom before you see him in the kitchen. This bundle of joy keeps the kitchen spirits up when things get busy and is a core part of the team. He has been cheffing for the past few years and is quickly making his way up the Brunning and Price ladder.

Luke Adams

Chef de Partie

Luke's a local lad and is one of the bubbliest chefs we've ever met, he works harder than ever (when he's not having a natter in the Tea Room) and has a great eye for detail. When he’s not cheffing, he enjoys fixing up bikes.

Lewis McKelvie

Chef de Partie

Lewis is one of our younger chefs but that does not mean that he plates anything other than delicious food! Labeled in the kitchen as the "Best scallop cooker", Lewis spends his free time playing darts with a pint. He is also a huge UFC fan, so watch out!

Joshua Cooper


Josh is one of our newest chefs on board and we're so pleased to have him! Always with a smile on his face, Josh is the one that is at the Highdown at the crack of dawn making your Eggs Royale or Full English. Josh loves his girlfriend, Shannon, who works upstairs until she spills curry all over his leg giving him third degree burns....


Hope Foster


"Mrs Boss Lady". Hope is our General Manager's wife, but more than that - she's everyone's best friend. Part-time tea room, part-time gardener and full time mum. How she finds the time is beyond us, not to mention she is always bringing incredible treats for us to feast on too !

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