About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth read.

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If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house



Tom grew up living next door to one of our pubs, so knew what we were all about from a young age. He has a strong enthusiasm for good food and great beers and a Whisky or two. When he isn't working (which is very rare) Tom can be found tinkering with cars or fixing something in the pub. He lives with his wife, two daughter's and cocker-spaniel's Angus and Joey.


Deputy Manager

Mihail (Michael) is our newest Deputy Manager. He is a hard worker who will settle for nothing less than excellence. Mihail will always ensure the pub runs smoothly from making sure your food is to perfection, resolving any issues, to guaranteeing you get the highest level of service. Mihail has taken first place for having the best (or worst) shirts, you're very unlikely to see him in the same one twice, as he has so many. After he has finished a long shift, Michael likes to enjoy a nice cold glass of white wine.


Deputy Manager

This one is madder than a box of frogs. Having worked in pubs for most of her life, she has recently joined the B&P crew and taken it in her stride. Cheeky and cheerful on the outside, it's her crazy cackle that you can hear throughout the downs that you need to watch out for!


Assistant Manager

Richard has been with us just over a year now and is a welcome breath of fresh air. He has worked in pubs for years however has recently come back after a few years off, where he was able to spend a bit of quality time with his family. He can fit 50 words into a second and moves just as fast!


Assistant Manager

Alice is another member that has been here since day one. From starting as a regular waitress, to progressing to supervisor, to now being one of the most hard working Assistant Managers. Over the years, she has developed her skills, transforming her into a core member of the team. From replying to emails at home, to organising events in her spare time, Alice truly lives and breathes the Highdown.

Tom Callis

Assistant Manager

Tom is one of many Toms that work at the Highdown, however you cannot miss his rather large ginger beard! A hard working manager and talented barman, Tom is a seasoned expert in the hospitality industry, who is always around to help.


Assistant Manager

Originally from Poland, Raf moved to  London in 2009. Raf has been in the industry for over 10 years. He started working in 5-star hotels however he doesn't regret changing to pubs, because he loves his regulars. When he is not working, he loves to go out to taste different cuisines. He loves his cat and a good glass of wine.



Oh lovely Dylan! How he manages to find time to work here AND train to be a paramedic is still beyond us but we're so happy to have him on board. Whether he's looking after big tables in the PDR or running 20,000 steps to get your food to you - we always know we can count on him.



Katie works in our Tea Room and Pub which is really quite impressive! A woman of many talents, how she manages to raise two young kids whilst working here is beyond us.



Callum is one of our supervisors who has been with us for two years. Always charming and willing to provide the best service, he is mostly seen either on the bar or running a busy section. Any issue, big or small, you can rely on Callum to resolve it.



Felicity is our fabulous bar girl who you may find pouring a cold pint or making one of our delicious cocktails. In her free time she is with her beautiful children or her frenchie Lenny.



Charlotte is one of our hard working waitresses who always provides the highest level of service. She enjoys her time after work with a gin and lemonade and is always up for a laugh.



Symon is our Tea Room supervisor with lots of boundless energy and enthusiasm that no one can match. He loves his three gorgeous little dogs who you may have met on our pub dog walk, and he will show your dogs the same amount of love. You'll never miss him, his shirt collection is next to none.



Serina has been with us since day 1 and will be your main lady serving breakfast. She's got a killer Irish attitude and we wouldn't have her any other way. Just keep the Banana Rum out of her sight!



Saff has been with us at the Highdown since the very begining, starting as waiting staff to now being one of our key supervisors. Saff really can handle any task you throw at her, if you look out for her you may see her running round the pub making sure everything is running smoothly!



Sandy is a thoughtful, hard working, and overall amazing person. She always puts others before herself, and never fails to cheer everybody up. She is a ray of sunshine and an exceptional waitress. You can expect nothing but the best when Sandy is looking after you!



Alex is our bubbly bar queen who has been with us since day 1, she claims she's made up of 99% Prosecco you won't find her without one after a shift! She gets her year round tan from trips to Marbella, when she's not taking time out to horse-ride and shop!



Caprice is fantastic! She might be seen behind the bar, on the floor or running food. She has a great love of all manner of beautiful tattoos.


Tea Room Assistant

This girl has got to be the biggest ray of sunshine we have! Always with a smile on her face, Ellen is one of our Tea Room girls and helps run the place on the weekend. She can do any section and does it with a grin. Hash browns for breakfast and mash with gravy for dinner - she's our kind of gal!



Emily is our fantastic Tea-room supervisor. She is very hard working, even when super busy and always has a smile on her face, she is genuinely such a joy to work with. In her spare time she can be found taking beautiful photos which anyone would be proud to have in their homes.



Holly is an amazing waitress who has only been with us for a few months. Coming from Scotland, Holly has adapted well to life in the South of England and embraced her role here at the Highdown.



Kate has been with us for a few years now, and whether she is looking after diners in a section or behind the bar, she is always keen to work hard. You can't miss Kate as she has vibrant tattoos and is our very own Welsh waitress.



Yasmin is our very own popstar! You will either find her recording songs or performing live when she is not helping us on a busy weekend or evening.



Julie is our lovely, whacky girl who you will have seen jumping between the bar and the floor. Julie is one of our in-house dog lovers, so if you can't spot her - look down, she'll be cuddling one of our furry visitors.



Sinead is a bubbly waitress who is always happy to help. She loves a gin after work and enjoys reading a book in the sun. Whilst working mainly in the pub, you may also find her housekeeping in the hotel!



Jamie has come from a background of fine dining and hospitality and is a real treasure to have on the team... Just don't confuse him for Dylan!



The girl with 50 strings to her bow! The best girl to come to if you're looking for somewhere new and exciting to eat around Worthing. Lauren has more jobs than we can count and we are so blessed to have her on our team. Always have a glass of wine ready for her when she's finished!



Daisy is one of our most beloved members of the crew, who is often seen running food and helping customers. She is a very hard worker and a pleasure to work with.



Tiny but not to be underestimated! In her spare time she dances and so who knows where she finds the energy to run up and down our stairs at the pace she does - but we couldn't do it without her.



Maria is our feisty, Spanish Señorita. When she isn't at the Highdown, she works as a teacher - where does she get the energy?!



Jas joins our team after previously working here before the refurbishment. You can count on Jas to help out whenever and wherever needed. She's a pleasure to work with and always has a smile on her face.



Head Chef

Tom Chisnall is our biggest treasure here at the Highdown. After climbing the ranks, he is now one of the youngest Head Chefs in the company. Since proving himself not only in the cheffing department, but displaying amazing leadership and management qualities, he has been instrumental in making the Highdown what it is today. Despite being one of the hardest workers, he likes to let his (now long) hair down with a few pints with the boys after work!


Senior Sous Chef

Brad is our newest senior sous chef, who has incredible attention to detail. Brad is a keen fitness fanatic and while the other chefs enjoy a pint after work, he is off riding his bike and staying healthy!


Senior Chef de Partie

Lewis is one of our younger chefs but that does not mean that he plates anything other than delicious food! Labeled in the kitchen as the "Best scallop cooker", Lewis spends his free time playing darts with a pint. He is also a huge UFC fan, so watch out!


Chef de Partie

Heather is our wonderful baker and afternoon tea extraordinaire. Working hard as part of our kitchen team, she ensures the tearoom is stocked with lots of tempting treats, scones are freshly baked each day and her cheese straws are legendary!


Chef de Partie

Nikolai can be found flipping eggs as our fabulous breakfast chef. He is a joy to work with... just make sure you provide the coffee!


Chef de Partie

Tommy, commonly referred to as "timmy" by the kitchen staff, is a promising young chef who recently competed in our junior chef competition within Brunning and Price. Whenever he is on shift, you'll be sure to find him with a flat white in his hand to keep him going!




Lani is one of our hardest working housekeepers, she will not only get the pub clean from top to bottom but the hotel too. If you look out for her you'll find her with her bestfriend henry hoover!


Kitchen Porter

Somsri is our thai sweetheart, who has a work ethic like no other, and always down for a chat! You've never met a KP who works as hard as our Som!


Kitchen Porter

Tanya is another one of our KP's. Always working the mornings, Tanya has two young girls who she looks after when she's not grafting in the kitchen!



"Mrs Boss Lady". Hope is our General Manager's wife, but more than that - she's everyone's best friend. Hope works part time with us in the pub, she is also in charge of all the stunning flowers dotted around as well as our beautiful garden, on top of all this, Hope is a full time mum to both her lovely girls. How she finds the time is beyond us, not to mention she is always bringing incredible treats for us to feast on too!


Maintenance Person

Steve is our handy man, he will tackle any task you throw at him from just fixing furniture to generally just maintaining the pub. The Highdown really would just fall apart without him!