The Clog & Billycock


About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth read.

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If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house

Lloyd Bennett


Lloyd joined us in January 2020, but is originally from our sister pub The Fox that is located in his hometown Newport, Shropshire. Lloyds upbeat personality always keeps our spirits high and we are so glad he made the move to sunny Blackburn. Before coming to us Lloyd worked for Sainsbury's in their human resources department. During his time off Lloyd enjoys taking his adorable black lab, Pip, for long walks and enjoys a tipple of Rum and Ginger with a wedge of lime when he is out on the town

Emma Hunt

Assistant Manager

Emma is in her second stint at The Clog having recently returned from Australia where she picked Bananas for $22 per hour, a story we never get tired of hearing about. A singing, dancing, acting triple threat Emma also teaches dance, ballet, tap & modern jazz at the local school making her a quadruple threat on the dance floor. Bubbly, likeable and unflappable it has been great to have her back on the Clog stage.

Emma Sampson

Trainee Assistant Manager

After spending every spare hour where she wasn't studying for her A levels, asking for extra hours in her previous role as a waitress, we thought it was only right to reward her...with more hours. Emma's proudest moment at work was teaching herself to pour the perfect rosetta in the crema of a latte - and never fails to disappoint by arriving to each shift 15 minutes early to brew up! Living in Australia for a year is right at the top of her bucket list, where we can picture her on a rooftop bar in Melbourne city centre sipping a blood orange gin & lemonade.

David Martin


David currently takes the 30-minute journey from his hometown Bury, into the sunny Blackburn every day by car, although that could soon change as he recently told us he proudly piloted a helicopter for a whole minute! A real people-pleaser and our resident rum connoisseur, David's favourite drink is an Old J rum and coke. Whilst seeing England play in a World Cup final would be his most cherished experience, David also wants to travel Australia and visit the Ancient Pyramids in Egypt - as you can tell, he doesn't ask for much!


Chris Irwin

Head Chef

Chris was born in Germany whilst his Dad was stationed in the Air Force. Chris came to us having successfully ran the kitchen at another Brunning and Price pub, Old Hall in Sandbach for three years. He loves to spend his free time with his daughters, loves Bolton FC and has a strange affliction to the word bacon.

Curtis Sultana

Sous Chef

Curtis is Lancashire born and bred and has had a passion for becoming a chef ever since he was 5 with helping his mum out in the kitchen. With his mum teaching him at such a young age he has been able to achieve some career highlights by becoming Sous Chef before turning 23. Curtis loves being sociable and couldn't decide when asked what his favourite drink was, but, will drink anything from a coffee to a pint of Peroni. Along with many 23 year old's he has a passion for travelling and loves discovering new places and all the flavours they have to offer. Curtis is an adrenaline junkie and on his days off you'll usually find him at the Pleasure Beach or Alton Towers riding the roller coasters, and one day he wishes to do a skydive over the sea, landing on the beach.

Simon Smith

Sous Chef

Simon is a true Yorkshire lad having lived in Leeds the majority of his life before joining us here in sunny Lancashire. He was born for a career in hospitality as he loves creating seasonal dishes with fresh produce, lucky us hey! Simon's proudest moment is the birth of his lovely children, who he also wants to take travelling around the world. That sounds super fun but also super expensive. Simon like a fruit cider to unwind and when asked to describe himself in 10 words this is what he said; Yorkshire, Huddersfield town fan, cheeky, frustrating, funny and enjoyable to be around. We couldn't agree more.

Ebi Mohammadian


Ebi has worked at the Clog and Billycock for over six years, and lovingly makes all our pies. A father of three, Ebi is a keen DIYer and gardener and a wealth of knowledge to the chefs as he has been cooking for over 40 years. A true gentleman and a very popular member of the kitchen crew.

Harry Rutkowski-Dinsdale

Senior Chef de Partie

It's said that Harry only found his talent in the kitchen when he realised his career as an artist probably wasn't going to take off, as he wasn't the best at drawing. Having said that, we're pretty sure he's in the right industry now, as his greatest achievement was working in a team that entered the top 100 UK restaurants in 2019. The self described 'nerd' is on a journey to be the head chef of a Michelin Star kitchen and on his way there, will drink anything as long as it comes out of a Birra Moretti glass. When asked if there is anything else we should know about him, Harry responded 'UTC!' - if you know, you know.