Opening Autumn 2020

About Us

Here is just a little info to let you get to know our pub better...


Here is little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth read.

Download it here

If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house

Alisha Craigwell


After studying Law Enforcement in Canada, Alisha upped sticks and moved halfway around the world to Shanghai. Here, she discovered that she was a natural host, taking over a failing pub with her friend and turning its fortunes around. Always smiling and happy to help, be it in English or Mandarin, Alisha is multi-lingual and knows a thing or three about quality service. If Alisha isn't working or in the gym, she'll be running to the gym whilst pumping iron - blimey!


Lee Antrobus

Head Chef

Lee is normally a very quiet member of the crew, although we suspect that on the quiet he is a bit of a lad. He has been with us since 2000, when he started as a Kitchen Porter, but he has since taken The Kitchen Plunge. He is known as "Bus", but no-one will say why, so assume it's rude.

Our Crew

As our crew come on board, we'll be adding them here so you can get to know some faces...

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