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Here is just a little info to let you get to know us better...


Here is a little potted history of our pub and the local area... if you have a spare minute or two and maybe a cup of tea (or is that a G&T), we think it's well worth a read.

The Inn at Shipley is a three storey Georgian building dating from 1771, which was built by Thomas Farmer Thornes.

The Thornes family had for many centuries been a prominent Shropshire family. From the 15th century and for several subsequent centuries Shelvock Manor, in Shelvock, north of Shrewsbury, was their family seat. One of the most prominent members of the Thornes family was Roger Thornes, who in the 16th century was described as "Wise Thornes of Shrewsbury for that both town and country repaired to him for advice".

Though owner of Shelvock, Roger Thornes retained his family connection with Shrewsbury, and seems to have lived principally in the town, where he had a house in Raven Street, just opposite School Lane. He was a Bailiff six times.

Richard Thornes was Sheriff of Shropshire in 1610. Francis Thornes, son of the Sheriff, married Beatrice, eldest daughter of Sir Andrew Corbet of Morton Corbet, on December 12, 1625, at Moreton Corbet, when he was 19 and she was 15. When the English Civil War broke, Thornes actively sided with the King.

The ruins of Morton Corbet Castle,
Shropshire, where Francis Thornes
and Beatrice Corbet were married
in 1625

Francis Thornes was one of many county gentlemen captured when Shrewsbury was taken on February 22, 1644 or 1645, by the Parliamentary forces under the command of his first cousin, Thomas Mytton of Halston, and he had to pay £720 for his estate. After this, the fortunes of the Thornes family declined.

Thomas Farmer Thornes in 1771 was nevertheless described as a gentleman, and he and Elizabeth enjoyed a number of servants.

The site of the 1771 property already has a number of buildings on it, and he may have acquired the land from one of the local estates or it may have been part of the landholding of the next door property, Shipley Hall. The three storey house was slotted between the sandstone and timber-frame farm buildings which were adapted and remodelled to become useful ancillary storage.

We know this for several reasons. Firstly, the name T.F.Thomas and datestone of 1771 is carved onto a stone block on the front of the building, but additionally, there is an inscription etched into the window glass within a first floor window which reads 'Joseph Thompson newly leaded this window 1771'. This is authentic.

There are a number of wills and records in which T.F.Thornes is mentioned. Archival data indicated that he was an Attorney-at-Law, and he must have built the house shortly before his marriage to Elizabeth in 1772, but the only lived there for 7 years before he died in 1779.

At that time the house may well have been sold to Thomas Boycott, who we know later acquired the manor and lordship of Shipley on 25th July 1829. In a valuation of his estate in 1798, a property named Thornescroft (presumably after Thomas Farmer Thornes) is mentioned.

Thornescroft was sold on 26th June 1918 by direction of Mrs Wight-Boycott, and was the name of the restaurant when we acquired the property in 2013, although the name was not felt to be engaging enough as the name of a pub, so we renamed it the Inn at Shipley.

The house has lost most of its original windows and external doors buut despite this loss, it is substantially as designed in 1771. It retains its original floor plan, largely intact at ground floor level and complete at both first and second floor level and a high proportion of its original doors and fittings. The building is, therefore, of high significance, as is listed grade II.

If you'd like to put a name to a face, allow us to introduce you to the crew...

Front of house



Kayleigh describes herself as a hostess, and we can't really think of a better way to describe her! If she is not at work looking after our guests, she spends much of her free time hosting friends at home, BBQing through ALL weathers or in a pub herself with her husband Jon and her big 'baby' GSD, Pullo. An ever smiling face behind the bar, Kayleigh brings a big energy into the pub. Her love for good food and even better wine are infectious so make sure you come along with empty bellies!


Deputy Manager

Matt is a staple of the Inn at Shipley a lover of great food and real ales. Having joined us originally in 2018 having completed his Geography degree at Swansea University he came to us eager to learn and with a penchant for cocktails and creating great drinks. Since then, he has climbed through the ranks becoming an invaluable member of the team, whether it be helping on the floor, the bar, the odd stint in the kitchen, IT support or just reaching for things on high shelves. Always a calming influence around the pub, Matt has firmly found his place as Deputy Manager. You won't miss him round the pub and might get the occasional visit from his dog, Rosie.


Deputy Manager

Amy blew into the pub back in 2020 when we all needed a much warranted shake up! Since joining, she has been an ever smiling face behind our bar and is also queen of the catch phrase 'I love that for you!'. Amy has worked in the hospitality industry for the past 7 years, so this isn't her first rodeo! When she isn't here with us, you will find Amy along with new husband Alex exploring new bars and restaurants... She likes to stay fully up-to-date with the latest gin trends - it's research, of course!


Deputy Manager

Introducing Abbey, a newcomer to the Inn and B&P but what an addition she is! Having spent the last few years managing an 800 year old museum so our 250 year old farmhouse is a spring chicken in comparison, but a task she's grabbed by the horns. You'll find Abbey floating through the pub with a big smile, always glad to have a chat and of course partial to the odd gin (only with lemonade though).


Assistant Manager

Shannon is our resident Rock Goddess, when not bouncing round the pub, she’s bouncing round a mosh pit at a gig or festival. Right from the start, Shannon quickly impressed as ‘a right grafter’ – as we say in these parts - and has made her way through from Front of House crew to Assistant Manager. One to watch for sure.


Assistant Manager

A self proclaimed wallflower, Chris has tried to sneak into the team without any fanfare, and we can't be having that. Chris is a Jack of all trades having dipped his toe into all sorts of waters; marketing, sales, IT, you name it he's done it. After finding hospitality later in his career he found himself at our bar with a pint of ale and knew that we were the right fit. So from here on out be sure to say hello when you're next in, you'll find him either behind the bar or on the other side enjoying his post work pint.



Senior Sous Chef

Sweetness and spice and all things nice is Oje both in his cooking and personality. Joining the team back in 2019, Oje brought his cool as a cucumber nature to the kitchen. As a chemistry graduate from the University of Hull, his interest in creating a sparking reaction, led him to the world of gastronomy. However Oje's passion for cooking started much further back, watching his grandma create magic in the kitchen with her signature jollof!


Head Chef

'Yorkie-Master', 'singer extraordinaire', 'paperwork wizard' or all of the above? Just some of the self-given titles that Rich likes to use around the Shipley kitchen and we can't help but agree... perhaps not so much the singing!

Rich landed in our kitchen in April of 2024 and quickly became part of the furniture. Coming from a huge career of cheffing, management and even operations roles, Rich knew that coming back the kitchen just felt right.

When he isn't cooking up a storm, writing new menus or treating us to a one-man show you will find him at his local with a big glass of red and his lovely wife Danielle.

Not shy of being told he's doing a great job (only kidding!), he does like to pop his head out of the kitchen from time to time, so make sure you say hello!


Sous Chef

Having joined the team before Christmas, Chit has had a quick start in our kitchen and settled in as a member of the Shipley family. Chit moved to the fresh air of Staffordshire from London, gaining a breadth of experience in a variety of restaurants before coming to us. A family man through and through, in his spare time Chit can be found with his kids or renovating motorbikes with his brother.


Chef de Partie

You are far more likely to hear Zak before you see him, especially the roar of his motor! Not just a car lover, Zak has been a cooking enthusiast from a young age, and when it came to education, there was no other path for him. Always ready to get stuck in, Zak is as much the life of the party as he is master of the kitchen.


Commis Chef

Rhys, one of the younger bods in the kitchen team, fell into his chef shoes back in 2022 when his Mum and Dad were in for dinner one night and happened to ask if we had any jobs going to 'get their son out the house'. It was definitely luckier for us that day!

Starting as a kitchen porter, Rhys quickly donned the stripy apron and started training to work on our desserts section. It didn't take long for him to muscle his way up to starters soon after. With his shining potential we twisted his arm and now Rhys is working his way through his cheffing apprenticeship. With bags of talent, a cracking taste in music and quick wit he rounds off the kitchen team perfectly.