Front of house

Ollie Simmonds


Ollie has been at the White Hart since day dot, and is well liked by both staff and customers. He has an amazing eye for detail and knows what all of our regulars are drinking even before they do. Ollie loves his rums and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the streets of London city, useful if you get lost on a night on the town.

Darren Rose

Deputy Manager

Darren has recently joined us as our new Deputy Manager and has oodles of experience from a variety of different backgrounds to offer. He dotes upon his two little ones and loves showing the team photos of them. He's a very proud dad. He's also very proud of his car, which has little arms to pass your seatbelt to you - fancy!

Libby Rackham

Assistant Manager

Libby has been bubbly and enthusiastic from the minute she first stepped foot in The White Hart nearly two years ago. When she isn't telling people that she volunteers with special needs children, that she is a recovering vegetarian or that she is a First Aider, she can be found prancing around the pub with a big smile on her face.

Sean Hudson


Sean has been with the White Hart for a fair few years now, so knows his way round the Hart like the back of his hand. He is a keen skier and loves the white slopes of the Pyrenees. A hot tipple and a high mountain is just about Babylon for Sean.

Millie Williamson

Bar/Waiting Staff

Millie has become part of the family over the last two years. She has shared a big chunk of her life with us and the team at the pub have been there for her every step of the way. Millie is one of the best - she can make everyone laugh and smile, her thoughtfulness knows no bounds and her dog is called Crumpet (which is a great name so she deserves points for that alone). She has become well known amongst our regulars for making dramatic hair changes every now and then - so much so that she becomes unrecognisable for a couple of days!

Nick Spicer

Bar/Waiting Staff

Nick is most definitely a customer favourite. He is quite willing to have a chat with anyone who walks through the door and is extremely polite. He is a big fan of comic book characters and his dream is to be an extra in a Star Wars movie, May the force be with you Nick.

Nicholas Navarro

Bar/Waiting Staff

Nick is hands down the best dressed member of staff. His bow tie, braces combos are a thing of beauty. Nick is a cool customer at work and in his spare time plays ice hockey and listens to spanish music.

Jemma Holland

Bar/Waiting Staff

Jemma worked with us previously and has come back after a brief spell renovating her house. She is a big time horsey fan and used to play professional rugby. She has 2 little boys that keep her on her toes, in fact she comes to work simple to get a break, Now that's impressive!

Charlotte D'arcy Smith

Bar/Waiting Staff

Charlotte first started working with us last Summer and she hasn't been able to stay away since! We can always count on her to give us a hand when she isn't studying away at university. She has an infectious laugh, a twinkle in her eye and an amazing ability to always think positively. We love having her back!

Lewis Blight

Bar/Waiting Staff

Our Lewis enjoys the finer things in life. He also enjoys posing for sophisticated photos in gin bars up in London town. Lewis is a man of many talents - as well as pouring the perfect pint, he plays the bass and performed at the pub on New Year's Eve with his band. Work is never dull with Lewis around.

Benjamin Pearce

Bar/Waiting Staff

Ben likes to take care of himself, regularly going to the gym and sleeping with rollers in his hair every night to give him that Greek-god-with-golden-curls look. He is also a family man and was very excited to tell everyone when his little nephew took his first steps.

Issie McMillan

Bar/Waiting Staff

Issie is a bundle of joy. She is constantly smiling, even when she's hard at work, and always looks on the bright side of life. She brings light with her wherever she goes. On top of that, she looks great in a flower crown and has amazing eyebrows. She has dreams of renovating a campervan, driving it around Europe and selling homemade food from it - we're here to support her every step of the way!

Megan Butcher

Bar/Waiting Staff

Megs has joined us for the summer and has already become a fully fledged member of our team. She may seem quiet but once you get her chatting she won't stop - she has a witty and remarkable sense of humour. Megan loves sparkles (as demonstrated by her posing with this glittering silver wall) and loves to cover herself in glitter when ever she goes "out-out".

Beth Williamson

Bar/Waiting Staff

This crazy cat bears an uncanny resemblance to one of our long-standing members of staff... That's right, Beth is Millie's big sis! She was looking for a summer job and coming to the pub made perfect sense! Beth has a brilliant sense of humour and is great to work with. She also has a deep appreciation for gin, which is something we very much welcome here at The White Hart.

Katie Milsom

Bar/Waiting Staff

Katie worked here once upon a time and has returned after two years away. She's a blonde babe with a great attitude towards life. She's big into market research and can regularly be seen with a drink in hand (to check out the competition, obviously...). She also loves music and has spent her time away from us as a band manager.


Alasdair Mackenzie

Sous Chef

Alasdair has worked for the company for many many years now, progressing onwards and upwards with each of his roles. Working his way up the ladder. He is a truly likable guy, and a laid back character with a cool head and heaps of experience. Alasdair once said that if he wasn't a chef he would pursue a career as a dog surfing instructor, fair enough!

Tony McDonald

Senior Sous Chef

After some time away from the hustle and bustle of busy kitchens, Tony has decided its time to step back in, and were sure glad he did. He has joined us after a short stint finding his feet again at Jamies Italian. Tony is rather an illusive character but we know he has two daughters, supports Sunderland football team and hails from sunny South Shields in Newcastle.

Edward Hancock

Junior Chef de Partie

Ed stands at an impressive 6ft 9in and is known to help people reach items from the top shelves in local supermarkets. Starting out as a Kitchen Porter, he has grown from strength to strength at The White Hart and is now a Commis Chef. Ed has a winning smile and is an extremely loveable guy (even if his hugs leave a little to be desired!).

Joshua Joly

Commis Chef

Affectionately known as Joly, this young man has recently made the leap from Kitchen Porter to trainee Chef. He lights up the kitchen with his big smile and exudes good vibes. He is great to have a chat with and has incredible pearls of wisdom that he dishes out. His hobbies include snorkelling, collecting interesting rocks and petting any cat that comes his way.

James Monsell

Kitchen Porter

James came to us to do some work experience and simply never left. He is extremely polite and always has time to ask how you are. James enjoys watching films, playing computer games and going on trips with his family.

Jim Ellis-Leagas

Kitchen Porter

Jim is Mr Diligent. He must have all the facts in order to to make the most informed choice and then follows that through with complete precision. He is also bonkers and great fun to share a pint with. Having previously worked as a Japanese translator in London, Jim is now much happier cleaning absolutely everything at the White Hart.


Richard Dunning


Rich is a jack of all trades and can turn his hand to pretty much anything. When he is not gardening or tending to one of the jobs on Damien's ever expanding 'to do' list, he is promoting live music at the local club and repairing computers. He does manage to find time to have a few jars of an evening too, of course.

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