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New Years Eve at the Pheasant

7pm, Monday 31st December 2018

Hello there, 

Being a country pub at heart, we are going to keep things nice and simple this NY – sticking to what we do best.

So there’ll be no tickets, no entry fees and no need to get the ball gown out. We will however pop a few extra special dishes on the menu, have some live music in the bar and if our team has anything to do with it, rather a few corks will fly at midnight! (Maybe best to get your dancing shoes on!) 

Obviously, a party at the Pheasant wouldn't be a party without Gin! So, with your well-being in mind we will also be running a gin bar in the pub until 1am with some truly fantastic creations and cocktails for you to choose from. What more do you need?! 

We would love you to join us for what we hope will be a thoroughly enjoyable evening. So if you’d like to book a spot for dinner (served 6.30pm -10pm) or reserve a table for drinks, then do give us a ring at the pub, or just feel free to join us at any point during the evening for a few drinks in the bar.

Last orders at the bar will be at 2am.

It really is the most wonderful time of year and we look forward to seeing in the new year with you!

Beth and team Pheasant

Gin list

With over 65 Gins to choose from, we're pretty confident you'll find a perfect match for your palate. We have a large variety of tonic waters to match the perfect gin so please ask us to help make the match! As we love gin far too much there is an ever growing shelf of gins that aren't on this menu so please ask us for the newest additions... (tried and tested by our staff...)

5th Fire Gin - 42% This gin is aimed to represent the five elements in their 3 gins - this particular one is using all natural botanicals but especially red berries, hence the glorious pink colour. £4.00

Adnams Gin - 48% Surprisingly moreish, this is a smooth and creamy, fabulously higher-than-average proof gin. Big and full-bodied, perfect with a sprig of thyme and lemon. £3.30

Anno Gin - 43% Anno have carefully married their Kentish flavours with citrus elements along with some traditional botanicals to create this fabulously herbal gin. £3.90

Audemus Pink Pepper Gin - 44% When this gin is young it is fresh, spicy with pink pepper but as it ages it gives you honey & vanilla notes. This gin is really trending right now...so naturally we are on point! £5.00

Bathtub Gin - 43.3% An eccentric gin, lightly tinted by the botanicals of Juniper, Orange Peel, Coriander, Cinnamon, Cloves and Cardamom it has a flavour which is both bold, and perfumed all at once. £4.00

Beckett's London Dry Gin - 40% It is a small batch super-premium gin distilled and bottled in London using the finest ingredients and is the only gin in the world infused with juniper berries from England. £3.70

Blackwood's 2012 Vintage Gin - 40% This rather dapper and tasty gin is made in the Shetlands using handpicked Shetland botanicals including angelica, marsh marigold, meadow sweet and sea pink, with a big hit of coriander. £3.10

Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba - 47% 'Stare the blind tiger in the eye and you'll be roaring for more'. £4.40

Bloom Gin - 40% Bloom is a delicate floral London Dry Gin, inspired by the natural flora of an English country garden. Superb when served with strawberries. £3.10

Blue Coat American Gin - 47% A wonderfully crisp gin with refreshing citrus notes, this classic dry gin is distilled in a traditional copper pot-still and is named after the uniforms worn by the militia in the American Revolution. £5.50

Bobby's Schiedam Gin - 42% This little gem is made with a combination of local and exotic ingredients, including juniper, clove, lemongrass, cubeb peppers and rosehips. £6.00

The Botanist Gin - 46% Smooth and fresh, this Islay gin is jam packed with an array of botanicals, yet the menthol and floral notes keep it delicate on your palete. £4.00

Brockmans Gin - 40% A 'marmite' of the gin family. This is made with Bulgarian coriander, blueberries and blackberries as well as bittersweet Valencia orange peels, not one for a traditionalist. £3.90

Brilliant Dry Gin - 43% Brilliant Gin is fashioned for the adventurous souls who require a dash of distinctiveness when they drink. £4.10

Caorunn Small Batch Gin - 41.8% A small batch Scottish gin from the Balmenach distillery in Speyside. Caorunn made with handpicked botanicals including rowan berry, heather, coul blush apple and dandelion. £4.00

Gin and bare it...

Chase Gin - 48% An English gin, distilled in Herefordshire, from the same company that make Chase potato vodka. This is distilled from organic apples, and has a lovely crisp, fruity flavour. £3.40

Eden Mill Love Gin - 42% An extremely exciting Scottish gin with marshmallow root & goji berry. We got it because we loved the bottle but actually the gin is just as good (if not better!) £4.20

Edgerton Original Pink Gin - 43% Edgerton is made with 14 botanicals and the colour, in case you're worried, is from pomegranate added separately from the other ingredients. £3.00

Elephant Gin - 45% Wonderful herby notes and fresh citrus zing with no less than 14 botanicals in this babies trunk. Lovely on its own, with some ice, or paired with our local Fever-Tree Tonic. £5.00

Dodd's Gin - 49.9% Named after Ralph Dodd who was rubbish at building bridges so he built a distillery instead - luckily the gin is good! Organic botanicals with honey from the London Honey company. £5.00

F.E.W American Gin - 40% A unique gin using a tangy grain spirit as a base, before redistilling with a botanical mix including vanilla and hops picked from master distiller Paul Hletko's garden. £3.90

Fishers Gin - 44% A more than a British gin, it is an artisan expression of the English coast; it’s awe-inspiring nature and captivating ancient traditions. £7.20

G'Vine Floraison Gin - 40% The infusion of Ugni Blanc grapes run the show in this gin and add a pleasant sweetness. With pronounced fresh botanicals, as well as bold citrus and ginger notes, its a rather delicious gin. £4.20

Forest Gin A fresh blend of herbal and sweet notes provided by freshly foraged ingredients. The finish is long, deep and earthy, thanks to the use of Peak District Moss. £6.20

Geranium Gin - 44% An authentic London Dry Gin produced by Thames Distillery in London; which as well as geranium, also uses traditional botanicals such as orris root, cassia bark and liquorice. £3.40

Gin Mare - 42.7% Produced in a small fishing village on the Costa Dorada using botanicals all sourced within that area of the Mediterranean; including botanicals such as Arbequina and olives. £4.00

Gunpowder Irish gin - 43% This is a green tea that has been slowly dried, the delicate leaves then carefully rolled into shiny pellets. The flavour is bold and bright with a slight spicy freshness. £7.30

Hernö Gin - 40.5% This has been the most awarded gin in Europe for the last three years running - well worth a tipple or three! £4.20

Hayman's Family Reserve Inspired by a style of gin popular in the 1800s, Hayman's Family Reserve is rested for three weeks in casks which formerly held Scotch whisky, adding extra spicy notes. £3.60

Hepple Gin - 45% Award winning herbal gin with fresh bay leaves and eucalyptus. Unusually it is distilled using three different extraction processes. £4.50

Hoxton Gin - 43% Definitely one to try if you are in the mood for something a little different. It has a very tropical body with a balancing citric sweetness and is packed to the brim with coconut. £3.30

We really love Gin...

Hunters Cheshire Gin - 43.3% Bringing a little bit of Cheshire with us to Surrey, this gin has a slight sweetness at first but is beautifully balanced with exotic spices, earthy juniper and a hint of aniseed. £3.40

Indian Summer Saffron Infused Gin - 46% Bottled by Duncan Taylor who is known for his scottish Whisky but thought he would try his hand at gin with the most expensive spice. Let us know what you think.. £3.50

Ish London Dry Gin - 41% Five times distilled in a traditional pot-still in the heart of London town where high quality English grain spirit is used. Botanicals auch as almond, orris root and nutmeg. £3.60

Jensen Old Tom Gin - 43% A soft, comma naturally sweet 'Old Tom' gin, a style that has seen a resurgence in recent years. Perfect with BTW tonic water (made just round the corner from the Distillery!) £3.90

Jinzu Gin - 41.3% Featuring juniper, coriander, angelica, yuzu and Japanese cherry blossom as botanicals. £3.70

The King of Soho Gin - 42% Made in the heart of London, this gin gives Soho yet another thing to boast about. A powerful, dramatic gin with bright citrus flavours coming from a generous helping of grapefruit peel. £4.00

Little Bird Gin - 41.6% Pink-grapefruit, sweet orange peel and ginger, plus seven more botanicals all contribute to a zesty finish. A true London bar cocktail gin. £3.90

Xoriguer Mahon Gin - 38% Hailing from the Island of Menorca, this gin is made, unusually, from distilled wine rather than grain alcohol. The recipe is a closely guarded family secret...Beth's favourite! £3.50

Malfy Gin - 41% From Italy made from lemons. A hardcore version of Limoncello... £3.20

Mason's Lavender Gin - 42% Drink this gin and we guarantee that you'll imagine yourself standing in a field in yorkshire... £4.10

Martin Millers Gin - 40% Distilled in pot-stills and shipped to Iceland, where it is mixed with Icelandic spring water with Tuscan juniper, cassia bark, Florentine orris, coriander and Seville citrus peel. £3.10

Mqueen - Batch 1- 42% Chocolate Orange Gin! They have used roast cacao nibs and bitter orange peels during distillation to produce this tasty treat. £4.00

Monkey 47 Dry Gin - 47% This Gin is an absolute delight to drink. Beautifully musky, refreshing and intense with plenty of spice, fruit and herb flavours, it tastes like the Black Forest after a summer shower. £6.50

Nordés Gin - 40% A very floral Spanish gin that is made with an Albariño-grape-based spirit. With interesting botanicals like eucalyptus this gin is perfect for the summer! £4.20

McQueen Smokey Chilli Gin - 42% Real deep smoke, real heat, but certainly gin. It has been said that this is like a liquid Mexican meal – with a buzz. £4.00

Ophir Gin - 40% For the slightly more adventurous amongst us, this spicy and warming gin is fabulous served with fresh chilli or come winter, try it with an clove studded orange to warm your cockles. £3.10

Plymouth Gin - 41.2% Probably the best thing to leave Plymouth since the Golden Hind set sail... This full-bodied and traditional gin can only be made in Plymouth. £3.00

Yep..there is still more...

Portobello Road Gin - 42% Traditional London Dry Gin, this hits you with the juniper before settling in with bitter citrus flavours and the delicate, sweet touch of liquorice. £3.00

Poetic License Gin - 43.2% A warm and spicy gin with undertones of lemon and eucalyptus, the inclusion of Persian lime intensifies the citrus feel while adding a note of perfume. £3.90

Rock Rose Gin - 41.5% We have our Scottish neighbours to thank for this gin! They mainly use botanicals from Scotland apart from their two different types of Juniper that come from Italy and Bulgaria. £4.00

Sacred gin - 40% A classic London Dry Gin with each of the organically sourced botanicals is distilled under vacuum to create a fresh, creamy, beautifully balanced gin like no other. £3.80

Sharish Blue Magic Gin - 40% It changes colour when you add tonic water - no tricks, promise! £5.90

Sipsmith London Dry Gin - 41.6% Produced in the workshop previously used by the late, great Michael Jackson (Whisky writer not Moonwalker). £3.50

Six O'Clock Gin - 43% Named after the time when drinking becomes socially acceptable. Juniper is accompanied by notes of mandarin orange zest and elderflower, as well as 4 other botanicals. £3.80

Silent Pool Gin - 43% Practically our neighbours, this gin is made on the Albury Estate, so it would be rude to leave it off our list... fed by the Silent Pool - a beautiful, mysterious spring-fed lake. £4.15

Steam Punk Gin - 40% The label features the everyday transport of a Steam Punk advocate - some sort of airboat. £3.80

Stovell's Wildcrafted Gin - 42% The botanicals are divided flavour families, let them soak in the spirit, strain them, distil each group in the rotary evaporator, blend them back into the base spirit with Chobham honey. £5.00

Snowdonia Foragers Gin - 44% Incredibly hard to get hold of as they only supply to a select few and rely on the weather completely for their natural botanicals...just like wine. £4.70

Tarquin's Dry Gin - 42% An exotic, world spanning botanical basket makes Tarquin's Gin. Orris root from Morocco, green cardamom seeds from Guatemala, cinnamon from Madagascar and Devon violets. £3.20

Tiger Gin - 40% Only the finest botanicals and spices, carefully chosen and sourced each year from the best harvests from around the world. £3.80

Warner Edwards Victoria's Rhubarb Gin - 40% Warner Edwards use a variety of Rhubarb originally grown in Queen Victoria's garden to marry with their dry gin, creating a drink that is pleasingly sweet and sour in equal measures. £4.10

Wight Mermaids Gin - 42% They use all hand-picked botanical from secret parts of the island. This gin is refreshing, smooth and slightly sweet peppery gin with hints of citrus. £4.20

Windspiel Dry Gin - 47% A german gin with touches of ginger, cinnamon, lavender blossoms and made from their finest potatoes in Vulkan Eifel. £3.90

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