Keeping everyone safe
amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

The following Welsh Government guidelines are now in place:

Booking sizes

The new ‘rule of 6’ guidelines mean that we’re only able to accept bookings for groups of up to 6 people, which can be from a number of households.

Ordering food and drink

We’ll look after you at your table. As tempting as it is to pop to the bar to have a drink, you’ll have to resist again for now and let us look after you at the table.

Face coverings

Please can you ensure you wear a face covering when not sat at the table. Our crew are also wearing their face coverings.

Contact details

We are required to capture the contact details for every customer over the age of 18, who comes to the pub - It’s very simple, just enter your name, email and phone number on the QR code as you enter the pub to register. Or we can do it for you, no problem. The information will be held safely for 21 days and will only be passed onto Track and Trace if requested. The NHS app is still up and running should you wish to sign in using that instead.

Keeping everyone safe

Above everything, we want to continue to reassure you that yours are our crews safety are the most important things to us. Our crew are back wearing face coverings; we continue to be sensitive to the distance between tables and sanitise tables between use. The pub is well ventilated, without being chilly and there are plenty of hand sanitisers still dotted around. We also continue to have enhanced cleaning schedules in place.