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Would you be interested in £5,000 for five minutes work? We are always on the lookout for new pub sites around the UK and as such are offering a £5,000* finder's reward for successful introductions.

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* Special terms or offers may apply if you are using an advert reference - please check the advert for further details. Introduction reward will be paid only if property is purchased/leased by us and after sale or lease has been completed. The property must be previously unknown to us, in the event of more than one person submitting details for the same property the reward will be paid to the first introduction recorded via our website form. Offer is open to customers, staff, friends, family, dogs and cats. No more than 10 submissions will be accepted per individual/organisation without prior written permission from Brunning and Price Ltd. We do not permit the use of automated (robot) submissions which will be disregarded.