Front of house

Chris Little


Chris has been part of the Brunning and Price family for forever. He began life as a chef in the Old Harkers Arms in Chester, 23 years ago. He then hung up his apron and moved behind the bar to manage the Hare in Langton Green from 1996 and then onto the White Hart in Sevenoaks in 2009. He has a passion for food and working long hours, but he is way over thirty now, so finds it harder to keep up with the rest of the crew. He is married to the lovely Lisa who is a dental assistant and they live with their elderly dog Chester and totally nuts Cockerpoo puppy Noodle. When not in the pub Chris has found a new passion for Motor GP - making it his ambition to travel to each of the 21 venues around the world. He's not doing too badly at 7 with plans for Austria ticking the number 8 box. He's also a bit of a Manchester United fan on the side, attending matches whenever he has a free weekend - which is generally never.

Molly Wakeman

Assistant Manager

Molly has been with the White Hart in Sevenoaks for the last 2 years, but at over six foot Mols is not really designed for the very low Tudor ceilings. She has a real passion for pubs and has already acquired a varied C.V. working around her home town of Tunbridge Wells. She has a sunny attitude and perma smile as she simply loves the chatty social side of pub life. When not behind the bar she is finding other lovely European bars on her regular city break holidays with her boyfriend.

Guy Moat

Trainee Assistant Manager

If you have ever been in the pub and wondered if Santa was in you have probably just heard Guy roaring away at one of his own jokes, it really is infectious. The original half glass full kind of chap and that glass will be real ale. Guy has a real passion for ales and is the driving force behind the White Harts ever changing beer line up. Ho Ho Ho.

Jennifer Thomas


Jenny 'Talulah' Thomas has many titles (most of them self appointed). Amongst them are 'Queen of Coffee' and I must admit her Latte art is right on point, she is gradually schooling the rest of us with varying degrees of success. Jen is also our 'Christmas fairy" overseeing our busiest Christmas in her first year in the role. She returns this year promising to break more records. Another title is 'The Hamerette' being a lifelong West Ham but lets gloss over that and concentrate on the first two.



Gareth Evans

Head Chef

Gareth hails from South Africa, but luckily for us he settled in Edenbridge. He's a man of few words who lets his cooking do the talking and is proving to be the 'yin' to Jason's 'yang'. He comes from a local Michelin starred restaurant, so he knows his beans. Gareth is kept busy when he is not working by his daughter Lily and is married to Charlotte.

Paul Macey

Sous Chef

Paul, also known as "Chuckles", is a very happy chappy with a 'can do', positive, 'glass-half-full' attitude and an infectious laugh. He fits in very well with the all too happy and relaxed chefs at the White Hart - no stressed out Ramsay expletives or Pierre White tantrums here. Paul actually started front of house earlier in his career, but after showing a natural talent for cooking he found himself starting to dress all in white. Paul, much like Eddie, has a second love for two wheeled freedom and owns Chris's dream bike.

Paul Mkhwanazi

Junior Sous Chef

Paul's surname looks like a really bad scrabble hand (5 points was the best I could score, give it a go). It is actually of South African descent, and has Zulu heritage leading to a very obvious nickname. Paul is one of those rare chefs who is unflappable and totally amenable, this coupled with the fact he is also a Man Utd fan makes him pretty much perfect in my eyes :)


Mark Skinner


Mark up until recently was in charge of all the lovely parks and public grounds in Tunbridge Wells. We managed to coax him out of semi retirement to look after the White Hart, where he harbours great plans for a herb garden and even a vegetable patch. As is appropriate for a man of his calling, he is greener than green, and prefers pedal power to horse power.

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