Let the fun be-gin this June!

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th June

We have been very busy planning our very first GIN FESTIVAL for you...

The excitement will be happening from 5pm on Friday 8th June all the way through the weekend until Sunday 10th June at 6pm. Saturday 9th June is WORLD GIN DAY. Not that we need a reason to try a few. Hopefully, you will be able to join us for one, two or three of the days!

The price for the event is £40 per person which includes your beautiful gin bauble glass to use at the event and take home, a choice of something to nibble on from the BBQ and 6 fabulous gin & tonics.

There will be a selection of things sizzling away on the BBQ to keep you going including, beef burgers, hot dogs & halloumi burgers. You will be entertained throughout with LIVE MUSIC as we have booked a variety of acts to get you in the party spirit. If you have a look at our beer festival film from last year, you will see what we mean. 

We will make sure that there are additional drinks cards available of course as you may be thirsty or find a hole in your glass! We've got it covered even if our round, yellow friend chooses not to pop his face out and shine for us.

Who can say NO to a little bit of gin o'clock? It won't be the same without you. Put the date in your diary!

Let the fun be-gin this June!

Forest Gin 42% - Macclesfield, England An award winning gin containing fresh wild bilberries, raspberries and blackberries, all hand-picked from the Macclesfield Forest, along with a few botanicals. The result is a fresh citrus, yet slightly sweet, flavoured gin. £6.00

Sipsmith Sloe Gin 29% - Chiswick, England Distilled with their award-winning London Dry in their copper still, it is then left to rest on wild sloe berries, hand-picked in the Autumn. The result is a truly handmade sloe gin that is subtle, complex and bursting with flavour. £4.30

Whitley Neil Small Batch Gin 42% - Birmingham, England (Inspired by Africa) Whitley Neil brings together eight generations of expertise, and a life-long love of gin to result in an inimitable award winning gin. It skilfully blends rare African botanicals and unusual aromatics to create an enigmatic experience to savour. £3.00

Gunpowder Gin 43% - Drumshanbo, Ireland This fresh citrus gin is packed with oriental botanics, gunpowder tea and Irish curiosity (so they say). The gin is slowly hand-distilled resulting in explosive flavours and spicy notes from the oriental botanics. £5.00

Fifty Pounds Gin 43.5% - SE London, England Fifty Pounds Gin is named after the infamous Gin Act, but fortunately for us all, it's not a recreation of a recipe from that era and is of much higher quality. The aroma is classic with lemon and piney juniper coming to the fore. £4.00

The Botanist Gin 46% - Islay, Scotland The spirit is satin smooth gliding over the palate like no gin you have tried before. A totally seductive experience. This is a bewitching and luxurious gin; its citrus freshness excites and stimulates the taste buds. £4.00

Jinzu Gin 41.3% - London, England (Inspired by Japan) Jinzu Gin brings English and Japanese traditions together to create an exciting, intriguing spirit. It's made with a blend of English gin featuring juniper, coriander and angelica then blended with Japanese botanicals - Yuzu citrus and Japanese cherry. £4.50

Mombasa Gin 41.5% - London, England (Inspired by Zanzibar) Mombasa Club Gin was inspired by the eponymous private social club on the island of Zanzibar, which imported a gin from England for consumption by its members. Distilled four times and the botanicals include angelica root, cassia bark and coriander seeds. £4.50

Monkey 47 Dry Gin 47% - The Black Forest, Germany Made in the Black Forest in Germany, with 47 botanicals including cranberries! There is a good hit of citrus and juniper followed by a vegetal and woody finish. No monkeys were harmed making this fabulous gin. £5.50

Aviation Gin 42% - Portland, USA Aviation explores the rich, floral and savoury notes of lavender, cardamom, and sarsaparilla to capture the lushness, spice, creativity, and freshness of the Pacific Northwest. £4.00

Hepple Gin 45% - Northumberland, England Hepple Gin is a project between Valentine Warner, Nick Strangeway, Cairbry Hill, Walter Riddell and master distiller Chris Garden. It uses an innovative three-level process for extracting botanical flavours. £5.00

Silent Pool 43% - Surrey, England Rich and clean juniper driven gin with floral layers of lavender and chamomile. Fresh notes of citrus and kaffir lime with a subtle sweetness of Surrey honey. £4.50

Hayman's Old Tom 40% - NE London, England A classic Old Tom which is a sweeter style of gin with sweet lavender, candied lemon peel and tangy juniper on the nose and a sweet ginger bread and juniper taste. £3.00

Rock Rose Gin 41.5% - Caithness, Scotland Rock Rose Gin is made at the Dunnet Bay Distillery all the way up in Caithness, Scotland. This gin features rhodiola rosea, rowan berries, sea buckthorn, blackberries, verbena & coriander seed. £4.30

Four Pillars 41.8% - Yarra Valley, Australia The native botanicals include Tasmanian pepperberry and lemon myrtle, both in the dry leaf form. The exotic Asian spices range from cinnamon and star anise to cardamom and coriander seeds. Then, of course juniper berries are added. £5.00

Brighton Gin 40% - Brighton, England Clear and bright in the glass, the subtle notes of juniper come to the fore as you swirl, releasing sweet-scented fresh citrus and a touch of spice. The persistent hints of orange make this gin gentle and approachable. £4.60

Elephant Dry Gin 45% - Hamburg, Germany Distilled in Germany using 14 botanicals that include some rather unusual but fascinating African ingredients like Baobab, the Buchu plant, Devil's Claw and African Wormwood. Elephant Dry Gin certainly captures the spirit of exploration. £4.00

Deaths Door 47% - Wisconsin, USA The gin is named after Death's Door passage, a stretch of water between Washington Island and the door Peninsula. It showcases how a simple botanical mix of juniper berries, coriander and fennel can be combined to create a delicious and complex gin. £5.00

Filliers Barrel Aged Dry Gin 43.7% - Deinze, Belgium Made by Belgian distillers, Filliers, their Barrel Aged Gin is made with the Dry Gin 28, featuring 28 carefully considered botanicals and the essential juniper berry, which has been matured for around four months in Limousin barrels that have medium char. £5.00

Tarquin's Dry Gin 42% - Cornwall, England A contemporary take on a classic London Dry, Tarquin's use fragrant handpicked Devon violets and fresh orange zest to deliver an aromatic sensation unlike any other. £4.50

Dà Mhile Seaweed Gin 42% - Llandysul, Ceredigion, Wales Launched on 1st of March 2014 (St David's Day) this seaweed gin is made with a cut-down, hand selected variant of botanicals added to their small batch gin. It is infused with handpicked seaweed from the Celtic coast. £4.00

Herno Gin 40.5% - Dala, Sweden Herno use eight carefully selected botanicals from around the world to make their award winning gin. All certified organic. £4.00

Pinkster 37.5% - Cambridge, England Pinkster is now distilled to the company's own recipe by G&J before being hand-steeped in the raspberries that lend it both its pink hue and subtle fruitiness. £4.10

Berkeley Square 40% - London, England Berkeley Square is a mellow gin, with subdued notes of juniper and a distinct yet delicious herbal quality. £5.00

Portobello Road Gin 42% - London, England Released by the award winning Notting Hill bar (home of The Ginstitute), this gin has plenty of juniper on the nose and a palate of soft lemongrass and hints of red berries. £3.00

Broker's Gin 40% - Birmingham, England A fine and tasty gin which has been lauded by critics, Broker's is made with herbs, spices and fruits imported from three continents and blended to be extra dry. £2.80

William Chase Seville Orange 40% - Herefordshire, England Made using potatoes from their family farm in Herefordshire, Williams Seville Orange Gin is a refreshing, citrusy spirit which will leave you wanting more. £5.00

Trevethan Gin 43% - Cornwall, England Trevethan Gin comes to us from Cornwall, and is made to an old family recipe created in the 1920s by Norman Trevethan. It boasts juniper, angelica, coriander, cassia, cardamom, orange peel, lemon peel, vanilla, elderflower and gorse flower. £5.00

Conker Dorset Gin 40% - Dorset, England Conker Spirit's Dorset Dry is distilled using British wheat spirit, New Forest spring water and 10 botanicals, including some rather distinctively Dorset-inspired botanicals - gorse flower included. £4.50

Adnams Copper House Gin 40% - Southwold, England Hibiscus flowers give this gin a real bitter taste leaving us to recommend a sweeter tonic, try alongside the Franklins elderflower and lemon. £3.60

Bathtub Navy Strength 57% - Tunbridge Wells, England Spirity high alcohol level is apparent on the nose and so too on the palate – it certainly warms the cheeks! Cinnamon and cardamom along with other spices are obvious on the palate, as too is the juniper and citrus. £5.00

G'vine Floraison 40% - Cognac, France The grapes run the show here, it's tasty with pronounced, fresh botanicals, particularly the high, citric and ginger notes. The grapes add a pleasant sweetness. It's almost like a flavoured vodka. £4.30

Eden Mill Love 43% - St Andrews, Scotland Love Gin brings together an outstanding blend of local botanicals and exotic fruits. This gin is a pale pink when neat, and dilutes to sweet vanilla and floral notes. £4.00

Twisted Nose 40% - Winchester, England On drinking, pine notes of Juniper emerge first, followed by fresh citrus and deep spice tones. A sparkle of peppery watercress appears next, as the spicy oils build on the tongue awakening your senses to the more subtle flavours of the remaining botanicals. £4.50

Bertha's Revenge 42% - Co. Cork, Ireland The gin is sweet at the fore – the liquorice and sweet woodruff makes themselves known – but there's also a creamy (dare we say milky) taste, which must come from the base alcohol itself. Juniper rises up, but is quickly pushed aside by cardamom. £4.50

No 209 46% - Originally Napa Valley, now San Francisco, USA Generous notes of citrus zest, juniper berry, orris root, liquorice, coriander and angelica which leads to a mild tingling on the lips and tongue, a great gin with plenty of complexity and depth. £5.00

Half Hitch 40% - London, England Spicy notes of bell pepper and juniper meet citrus notes of sweet orange, nutmeg and a rich black tea. Hints of woody spice, touches of bitter lemon and a slight grassiness clears out the top with the smallest touch of tannin. £5.00

Botanic Kiss 37.5% - Jerez, Spain This fruity gin is full of Buddha's hand (literally) the Asian citrus fruit, as well as strawberries raspberries and blackberries giving it it's beautiful pink colour. £3.90

Langleys No.8 41.7% - London, England 100% English grain spirit combined with 8 botanicals create a truly classic gin flavour making for the perfect gin and tonic. £4.00

Langtons No.1 40% - Skiddaw, England Utilising lakeland ingredients such as local oak bark blend where possible, a total of 11 botanicals are used with distillation. A rather dry finish tails off an easily discernible flavour journey. £4.40

Caorunn Gin 41.8% - Speyside, Scotland Caorunn is a dry and crisp, aromatic taste adventure with a long dry finish. Caorunn, pronounced ''ka-roon'', is the Gaelic word for rowan berry that inspired Celtic medicines and recipes for generations. £3.50

Littlebird 41.6% - London, England Pink-grapefruit with fresh juniper and dazzling citrus on the first sip. A lively tang on the tongue, gives way to luscious, velvety orange peel with a subtle underlying sweetness and a zesty finish. £4.00

Sibling 42% - Cheltenham, England Soft tones of vanilla and blueberry, subtle hints of orange and lemon ensuring a clean fresh twist. £5.50

Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength 45.2% - Iceland & England Made with the same botanicals as the original, the higher ABV produces a more classic style London dry gin. Smooth, slightly spicy and with floral aromas. £4.20

St. George Botanivore 45% - California, America Earthy spices, crystallised ginger and caraway. Lemon and lime peel give it freshness, as does the bay, laurel and coriander. Cool and refreshing on the palate, like a sweet breeze. £5.00

Warner Edwards Victoria's Rhubarb 40% - Harrington, England Just enough sugar to balance out the acidity from the rhubarb, producing a spirit with plenty of sweetness and some subtle, enjoyably sour notes emanate from the rhubarb. £4.50

Akori Premium Gin 42% - Barcelona, Spain A Japanese inspired gin made with rice based spirit, juniper and botanicals such as dragon fruit, kumquat, citrus and ginger. £4.40

Alkkemist Gin 40% - Madrid, Spain Alkkemist Gin features a base of triple-distilled grain spirit and 21 different botanicals, interestingly including Muscat grape, alongside orange and lemon peel, rose petals, samphire, fennel, thyme and mint, among others. Also, it's apparently "distilled by the light of the full moon"! £4.75

Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin 40% - Norwich, England A gin that's both light and fresh. Bullards Strawberry & Black Pepper Gin, distilled using fresh Strawberries, during both distillation and infusion is sweet and fruity on both the nose and to taste, this sweet, fresh and peppery gin, makes a fantastic G&T. £5.00

Copperhead Gin 40% - Lauwe, Belgium Mr. Copperhead was a notorious alchemist, in search of the elixir of life. During his pursuit, and much to his own surprise, he conjured up an exquisite composition, using a copper pot still and a recipe based on five essential botanicals: angelica, juniper, cardamon, orange peel and coriander seed. Enjoy the alchemist's gin! £5.80

Dingle Gin 42.5% - Dingle, Ireland An Irish gin from the Dingle Distillery, made using a secret recipe of botanicals which includes rowan berries, bog myrtle, heather and hawthorn, among others. £3.70

Firkin Gin 46% - Edinburgh, Scotland Inspired by a love of both gin and whisky, Gleann Mór created Firkin Gin! This gin is made with botanicals including juniper, coriander seed, angelica root and orris root, and is left to age in American oak casks before being bottled at 46% ABV. £5.20

Hunters Gin 43.3% - Cheshire, England Hunters Cheshire Gin is a single batch distilled, London Dry Gin that includes a unique blend of citrus botanicals and apples sourced from the company founder’s own orchard and the Norton Priory Gardens in the heart of Cheshire. £3.80

Mcqueen Smokey Chilli Gin 42% - Callander, Scotland A very intriguing gin from the McQueen range, produced in Scotland using Chipotle and smoked chilli, along with lime and Bulgarian juniper. Spice and smoke are the core of this expression, though it's well balanced with the sweetness of citrus. £4.90

Poppies Gin 40% - Wichelen, Belgium Poppies Gin comes to us via Belgium's family-owned Rubbens distillery, which has been producing jenever since the early 1800s! The legend behind this expression is that the recipe was created by an English solider who took part in the First World War, hence the name. £4.40

Ragnarok Gin 44% - Tevsjövägen, Sweden This copper pot still gin from Sweden uses a base spirit that's made from local Swedish winter barley. The folk at Tevsjö then use 8 botanicals including juniper, lingonberries, caraway and dill, before bringing the gin down to a bottling strength of 44% with mountain spring water. £4.20

Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin 40% - Dijon, France Saffron gin comes from a recipe rediscovered in the Boudier archives. Saffron gin is the result of an alliance between Great Britain for its London Dry Gin, India for its spice used extensively in cooking and in religious ceremonies, and French know-how d £4.10

Shetland Reel Gin - Up Helly Aa 57% - Shetland Island, Scotland This unique special edition gin celebrates Shetland's world famous Viking fire festival, Up Helly Aa. Aged in ex-whisky casks and bottled on Britain's most northerly isle, Unst, this specially produced Shetland Reel Gin delivers notes of wood and spices to give an extra spark. £5.20

Sir Robin of Locksley Gin 40.5% - Sheffield, England Sir Robin of Locksley Gin comes to us all the way from Sheffield, boasting a radiant flavour profile thanks to the botanical selection, which includes elderflower, dandelion and pink grapefruit. The name is a reference to local legend, Robin Hood! £4.40

Two Birds London Dry Gin 40% - Leicestershire, England Two Birds' Mark Gamble has set out to bottle his passion for the British Countryside with a range of small batch spirits. Using a still he designed and built himself, he uses juniper and 4 other 'countryside' botanicals as well as natural spring water from Charnwood Forest in Leicestershire to create this big, refreshing London Dry Gin. £3.90

Filliers Dry Gin 28 - Pine Blossom 42.6% - Deinze Belgium From Belgian distillers Filliers' comes another variation on their Dry Gin 28, this time featuring a fresh breeze of pine blossom running through its centre. Rich and earthy, the Filliers' Dry Gin 28 Pine Blossom is intensely refreshing. £5.50

Warner Edwards Elderflower Gin 40% - Harrington, England Warner Edwards infuse their Harrington Dry Gin with freshly harvested elderflower grown in Northamptonshire and Rhualt, then they add a little bit of sugar, and there you have it! A perfect Summer aperitif - sweet dry and gorgeous with good tonic water. £4.50

Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin 42% - Devon, England Wicked Wolf Exmoor Gin is made in North Devon using a selection of 11 botanicals - these include juniper, angelica, cardamom, coriander, cubeb, grains of paradise, hibiscus, Kaffir lime leaves, orange peel, lemon peel and lemon grass. £4.30

Nordés Atlantic Galician Gin 40% - Galicia, Spain Nordés is a Galician gin inspired by the eponymous fresh northerly Atlantic wind. Made using pomace from Albarino grapes, the botanicals include juniper, ginger, hibiscus and liquorice. The result is a very unique and intruiging gin! £4.10

Poetic License Northern Dry Gin 43.2% - Sunderland, England The staple gin from Poetic License, where it all began. Expect a big punch of juniper that’s finely balanced with green cardamom for a warm and spicy flavour. With undertones of lemon and eucalyptus, the inclusion of persian lime intensifies the citrus flavour. £4.00

Poetic License Picnic Gin 37.5% - Sunderland, England Poetic Licence's Picnic Gin is packed full of strawberries and cream notes - they distil as well as infuse the botanicals to give it an extra burst of fruit, juicy deliciousness. Enjoy with a good floral tonic water. The perfect summer tipple. £4.00

Slingsby Gin 42% - Harrogate, England Made with the finest natural and locally sourced botanicals, an initial burst of refreshing rhubarb and citrus from the grapefruit base gives way to juniper before a very smooth herbaceous sweetness, led by sweet cicely and a light green tea scented with jasmine blossom. £4.55

Sloemotion Damson Gin Liqueur 26% - Yorkshire, England The rich fruitiness of the damson combines fantastically with classic London dry gin to provide a wonderful tangy mouth feel, in this well-established country liqueur. Like the Sloe Brandy, Damson Gin is less sweet meaning it has an extra dry finish. £3.40

The King of Soho Gin 42% - London, England London Dry Gin distilled in the heart of London using traditional methods; a complex spirit crafted with 12 botanicals to a unique flavour profile. The beautiful design of the bottle embodies the characteristics that make Soho unique. £3.70

Whittaker's Gin 42% - Yorkshire, England Whittaker's Gin is produced by Harrogate Distillery Ltd., a family business run from their North Yorkshire home at Harewell House Farm. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, angelica root, bilberries, hawthorne berries, bog myrtle and thyme. £3.90

Ginraw Gin 42.3% - Barcelona, Spain The nose offers an excellent aromatic intensity, essentially fresh with crispy citrus and floral notes and green tips of the combination of lemon, citron and kaffir lime leaf. Full-bodied and voluminous on the palate, it is smooth, pleasant and elegant. Its lingering finish on the palate is long and delightful. £5.75

Blind Tiger - Imperial Secrets 45% - Kortrijk, Belgium Deluxe Distilleries celebrates the creativity of yesteryear with this contemporary, raw, unique, and handcrafted Blind Tiger Gin. Distilled in small batches in the back room of a concealed distillery in the Western part of Belgium, unusual botanicals such as malted barley and cubeb pepper are used to give Blind Tiger Piper Cubeba its daring and invigorating character. £5.90

Broken Heart Gin 40% - Queenstown, New Zealand Pine notes on the nose, emanating the winter-time Otago landscape. The pimento and ginger work together as core drivers to the spice flavours which come through on the palate. It balances the earthy flavours by giving it more oomph without dominating the overall profile. £5.50

Curio Rock Samphire Gin 41% - Cornwall, England A quadruple distilled Cornish gin made with locally foraged wild botanicals including rock samphire from the Cornish cliffs and Kombu seaweed sourced by The Cornish Seaweed Company. £3.90

Ginger Ninja Gingery Gin 42% - Whitby, England On the nose the juniper, angelica and liqourice come through, with the ginger also standing out. On the palette it is initially powered by the juniper, followed by a subtle mix of our more unusual botanicals, before the ginger really comes through to give a long and warm, lingering finish. £3.70

Hammer & Son Old English Gin 44% - Birmingham, England Oldy-timey gin from Hammer & Son, made with 11 botanicals to a recipe from 1783 and distilled in the oldest working pot still in England! It's even presented in an oldy-timey fashion, in a recycled, wax sealed bottle. £3.80

Malfy Gin 41% - Torino, Italy Malfy Gin is an Italian gin is made using a selection of six botanicals, as well as an infusion of Italian coastal lemons, including some from the Amalfi coast! £3.40

nginious! Summer Gin 42% - Laax, Switzerland Summer Gin is made by distilling botanicals in groups and blending them at the end, this gin uses peach, lime, jasmine, white pepper and rhubarb along with the blueberries and juniper. £6.50

Strathearn Heather Rose Gin 40% - Perthshire, Scotland From Scotland's first micro-distillery comes the Strathearn Heather Rose Gin, featuring the sweet, vibrantly floral combination of classic Scottish heather and delicate rose. An excellent Summer tipple when splashed in a G&T. £3.85

The Original Marmalade-of-Manchester Gin 40% - Manchester, England Made with a bounty of citrus varieties, including lime, lemon, tangerine, seville orange and bergamot (alongside juniper, coriander, grains of paradise and vanilla) - the distillate is also passed over sweet orange peels to get yet more citrus-y oils into the gin. £5.80

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