Front of house


Emily Kay

Bar/Waiting Staff

After a few summer seasons in Crete, Emily caught the bug and has been at the Hare since 2005. Four managers, three Children and a dodgy knee later she is still going strong and shows no sign of slowing down…especially when her favourite wines are concerned.


Natalie Heasman

Bar/Waiting Staff

Natalie has been with us at the Hare for almost 7 years. Which bearing in mind she is only 22 is no mean feat. She started off in the Kitchen helping out until the lure of waitressing was too strong, and has never looked back. Her natural cheerfulness and party animal abilities lend themselves well to the bar…which she rarely sets foot behind….


Emma Agombar

Bar/Waiting Staff

After living in Spain for a few years and developing a liking for snowboarding whilst out there, Emma returned to the UK and began working in various pubs and restaurants. She has amassed 15 years of experience until a new addition to the family made her slow down a bit. She takes great pleasure in bring her little’un into the pub to meet everyone, in one of his many fancy dress outfits…


Hannah Liley

Bar/Waiting Staff

Hannah loves opposites: a naturally quiet girl herself, she has thrown herself into the loud world of pubs with both feet after not being able to choose between a degree in Advanced Physics or Classical Art… The loss to both those fields has been our gain as she has shown time and again that she will always come in with a grin on her face and her now trademark bun…


Gabriel Guzi

Head Chef

Gabs arrived in January from Italian group chain , where he worked as sous chef for three years. Previously our senior chef de partie he astounded everyone with his horizontal attitude and ability to prep for Monday in the middle of Sunday service, and is consequently now our Head Chef. He he kept his love of Liverpool FC quiet during his interview with Rob, which was definitely a wise thing to do.


Cvyatko Stanoev

Senior Sous Chef

Cvyatko (pronounced Tsetso) is a new addition to the Hare having recently joined us from a restaurant just down the road… He has been a chef on several continents and has settled down here in sunny Tunbridge Wells, where he dotes on his new(ish) son who everyone thinks looks nothing like him. He is a secret ale drinker and the only one in the Kitchen who likes to drink proper beer - even if it often from a can…

Christopher Ireland

Chef de Partie

One of the foundations of the kitchen, Chris started with us in 1997 and is still going strong keeping everything going. He works overtime every week to keep the kitchen spotless, and on top of that he makes a mean sticky toffee pudding.


Janet Snow


Janet started at the Hare in 1987, long before Brunning and Price took the pub, and is a mother figure to the crew new and old. She is one of the rocks on which the pub is built, and when you phone the pub in the morning it is more than likely that she’ll be the one helping you.