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Call My Wine Bluff at the Duke of York

7:30pm, Thursday 1st November 2018

After a great Gin festival we've decided to follow it up with another evening of fun with ‘Call My Wine Bluff!’ on Thursday 1st November 2018 at 7:30pm.

How can we make it better than last time you may ask? Well this time we’re adding a round on sparkling wine! Can you tell a Cava from a Champagne? Prove it!

Call My Wine Bluff is a hugely entertaining show pitting the wits, wine knowledge and intuition of the audience against the lying, devious and cheating expertise of the panel.
With none of the pomp and ceremony usually associated with wine tasting, Call My Wine Bluff is an opportunity to taste (and drink!) 6 wines in a competitive atmosphere. It’s the game when you "Think while you drink".
Consisting of 6 rounds with teams, each table is given a covered bottle so there is no opportunity of seeing the label. The panel of 3 each give an amusing, informative and highly convincing description of the wine. Two of the panel are unashamedly lying through their teeth whilst the other is telling the truth. The teams have to decide which of the panel is innocent of such deception….
As the rounds progress the audience, by this time enjoying the effect of the wine, are no longer basing their decisions on cold logic or sound knowledge. Instead they are beginning to realise how difficult it can be to identify the right wine.
To take part, tickets are £30 per person. This includes 6 glasses of wine and a charcuterie & cheese board to share. Maximum of 6 players to a team and if you don’t have a full team to enter, we’ll happily match up groups on the evening, so don’t worry if there are just a couple of you.
You can puurchase tickets below and remember to let us know if you are part of a team.

See you at the bar!
John and the Duke of York crew.

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Call My Wine Bluff at the Duke of York

7:30pm, Thursday 1st November 2018

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